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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Raw Vegan Pumpkin Pie (Sweet Potatoes for me) with Almond Crust from "Everything Raw Food" book

So it "says" use pumpkin.  But it seems so much easier (and normally 2 bucks a pound organic) to use Garnet Yams.  I just like the name "Garnet".  Have made multiple sweet potato/pumpkin pie variations (raw) and loved them all.  However, the fat content can vary a lot.  Usually, it is high.  Loved that this recipe used irish moss.  It also called for 3/4 cup (for the whole pie) Coconut Oil-I always try to decrease the oil.  Plus, the Artisana brand uses the "whole coconut" so while it isn't always as easy with which to work, I do feel like it is slightly better than just the oil extraction itself.  Almonds & Dates for the crust.  I get almonds from Bremner Farms, which offer Organic & "truly raw".  For those of you who don't know, truly raw almonds are basically "illegal" in this country now.  However, somehow farms can sell a certain amount to individuals.  But all the unroasted, so called raw, almonds that you see in the stores-have actually gone through some sort of process that usually utilizes high heat.  It's crazy that meat and dairy have such minimal oversight & are full of the nasties & that something like almonds are basically illegal to sell in their "raw" form.  

The makings of a Raw Pie Crust.  

Got some "Wild Irish Moss" which costs a "bit", but have had it in fridge for years.  Partially because it intimidated me.  But the stuff is a cinch to use.  You just have to soak it and then rinse well.  Apparently it is loaded with Omegas??  It's a great way to create thickness & texture without additional fat.  I plan on using this stuff more often in my life.  Plus it looks really

Sweet Potatoes.  (I tend to use Garnet Yams).

I also quit Agave and either use date pastes or this Coconut Nectar for sugars.  Then I try to reduce the amount as well.........

Love the addition of just a pinch of Cayenne to the pumpkin pie spices.

This is the whole coconut flesh........It is still full of fat and all, but I have some illusion that it may be better than "just the oil".  It doesn't "melt" the best, but I am not "uncooking" to impress..........

Finished Product.  Pre-Fridge.

Raw Pies

Bottom Line.  This may be my favorite Raw Pie ever.  It can be made with less fat because of the Irish Moss.  It slices well.  The texture is amazing.  I Love this pie.  It's beautiful.  It's yummy.  And unfortunately for me, it's gone.  My husband may have gotten a slice or two.  

And Gateway Pet Guardians...........rescues in East St. Louis & Washington Park, Illinois area.

Jewel.......what a cutie!  Rescued from East St. Louis by

Horton is still waiting for a foster!!


  1. I have to say the pie looks really great, though the "idea" of a raw pumpkin pie is hard for me to grasp. I tend to shy away from many raw desserts because of all the added fat. I'm not 100% convinced that eating coconut oil is a good thing, though I know lots of people believe that to be true. My raw desserts tend to be made from nuts and fruit, and eaten in small quantities, so I know raw desserts certainly taste good.

    1. Yeah, I am not "sold" on eating oil at all either. But raw pies/cheezecakes are my weakness. But like that this uses the Irish Moss & then I also reduce the oil.