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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Raw Vegan Quinoa Bread From Brigitte Mars's "Rawsome" book.

So I was adapting a "raw bread" recipe from the Rawsome book to use quinoa instead of a gluten based grain like wheat or rye.  End result was that I probably needed to spread it thicker and include more of a binder like chia or flax (soaked) to help "hold" the bread together.  But I was trying not to use so many seeds in everything!  Irish Moss may be a good binder, as it doesn't add fat or too many calories, and yet thickens the dough.  Agar may be good too.  Agar is "Vegan Gelatin", a seaweed that you can use in making Vegan Block Cheezes or Vegan Gelatin.  You heat the Agar powder or flakes with the water until it creates that gel and then you can stir it into your "Project".  I love the Rawsome book as Brigitte is a breath of fresh air and the recipes are not terribly complicated.

Organic Carrots.  Shredded in my SaladShooter (a retro product that is "cheesy" but works okay for stuff like this).  I always keep 12 pound bags of organic carrots in my fridge.  Even if I don't juice for a period of time, I use them to make raw veggie chips, salads, blended to put on top of dog food, etc....


Other posts from the book:

Sprouted Quinoa.  I just sprout until there are little tails.  Always the fear of "fermentation" if ya wait too long.  Quinoa is an amazing source of protein with amazing aminos.  Also Gluten Free.  

Have been using massive amounts of cinnamon.  Rumor has it that it is good for blood sugar and even though apparently my blood sugar is good, I always "cover my ass" because I tend to eat lots of fruit.  Now.......From what I have read multiple places, most fruits tend to be low to mid glycemic.  So now I am not so concerned with that, but still do the cinnamon shots.  However, not in the nuevo "taking it dry" kind of way.  

Handy Dandy Food Processor.  A kitchen staple.

Spreading the "bread" kind of thin, as there is always concern that raw foods "ferment" or go bad if they are too thick.  New research shows that one may be able to set the dehydrator at 145 for 2 hours when you first put food in, and that will help get rid of lots of water & not "damage" the food.  Then you can set it for 105 or whatever temperature you believe is the "raw limit".  :)

So either I didn't spread the bread thick enough or didn't put in enough "binder" like a flax or chia.  It pretty much "broke" apart & wouldn't have done that if I would have used a grain with gluten (like was called for in the recipe).  But still quite good, just not suitable for "sandwiches".  Still a great gluten free snack packed with lots of essential amino acids & sprouted protein!

Horton in East St. Louis.  Waiting for a foster.
We are sorry to say that Knuckles was found passed away, after being hit by a car.  RIP Knuckles.  May 2, 2012. East St. Louis, Illinois.

One of Savvy's Kids.  Adorable!! At the Pasta for Pets event.

Another of Savvy's.  Looks like Horton!!!!

We are going to trap this guy-if we can.  Soon.  We tried with just a kennel and it was a "no go".  But we have no fosters! Still!  We have so many puppies on the street right now.  This one has demodex mange that can be treated. East St. Louis

Lloyd.  East St. Louis.  Wanting a foster. to fill out an application

Kitties & Pj.
East St. Louis, Illinois

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  1. Looks great! Wish I had a dehydrator! How long do you soak and sprout the quinoa?