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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Spirit of Sylvia

Rest in Peace our little angel.
Image source from Gateway Pet Guardians
This morning I woke up, turned on the mate water, and the ipad.  Dozens of "Gateway Pets" messages.  Click on one to see what's going on.  Sylvia got hit by a car yesterday.  It took me awhile to figure out that she actually had passed away, that she was really gone.  Sylvia was one of the dogs living on the streets in East St. Louis.  PJ & Gateway Pet Guardians goes every single morning to feed these dogs and take them in as we get fosters.  Sylvia was very skittish and we had attempted to rescue her once, but her boyfriend, a black, scruffy looking pit bull had gone in the trap before her.  She wouldn't get anywhere near the trap that day and we hadn't really gone out again with the intention of rescuing her since that day.  It is either triage or chance, or determination that determines rescues.  If a dog is injured, we take them.  If the dog jumps in the car, we take them.  If they are puppies we take them.  The others require carefully planned rescues, and many multiple attempts.  They are very skittish around people.  I just want to mention Sylvia, as she represents so many of the "forgotten" animals living on the streets.  She was/is a complete angel and we are all heartbroken that she left us before we were able to rescue her.  Her scruffy looking boyfriend is a gentle giant.  He looks rough around the edges, but is a total lover and lets kids and other animals climb all over him.  
Sylvia did leave behind 3 very little puppies that PJ was able to find.  They were under a porch so she crawled under, grabbed all 3, and tried to avoid all of the nails and ambiguous debris while finding her way out.  They will need forever homes in another month.  They look like a cross between Sylvia and Ronnie, so we know they will be very gentle and full of love.  The video below is the day we tried for Sylvia, but Ronnie thought it may be his only chance.

Also, an invitation to St. Louis area Bloggers and Facebook aficionados....We would like to invite you to "ride along" with PJ for a morning feeding and have you guys blog, facebook, email, write about it.  We would love it if more people actually were able to see what PJ does on a daily basis, and then help spread the word about the plight of these dogs & cats.  Please let us know if it is something you may be interested in doing!  Gateway Pet Guardians.

So after on and off crying all morning, I get a package.  From who? From "Ms. Bliss".  I was so thankful that something fun was coming to me today.  "Ms. Bliss" is my bohemian auntie.  She is just a few years my senior.  What did she send me??  A Kale tee shirt!!  Do you recognize it? It was in my "Blatant Kale Propaganda" post!  I don't know if she even saw that post as she said "This shirt made me think of you".  Awesome.  Kale shirts in the mail.....

Kales the New Beef T-shirts
Dr. Fuhrman's "Kale is the New Beef" Tee Shirt.  Men's & Women's Sizes.

Maybe Ms. Bliss is so blissed from her potato juice??
(ha ha)

Really, when Ms. Bliss isn't scarfing down the latest health drink (aka potato juice), most of the time she is hanging out at retreats with Ram Das in dreadful places like Hawaii, going to Wine & Yoga events in Napa Valley, Sweatlodges in Arizona (the certified kind, she came out alive :), Laying down on the floor with a room full of people catching the vibrations of a gong bath, practicing yoga in Ojai, or chanting her heart out at Bhaktifest.  I am lucky to have such cool peeps on both sides of my family.  All of my aunts & I chanted with Krishna Das last year (one had to do it lone wolf when he was in her neck of the woods) and a handful of us got to see Bhagavan Das last year as well.  If you want to know more about the ins and outs of meditation, yin yoga, vinyasa, or anything yoga related click Ms. Bliss's studio and look for "Terry".  Ms. Bliss is usually teaching around the Chicagoland area.  When she isn't in some remote beautiful part of the world, of course.

Recent eats...."Green Cookies".  Sunflower seeds, Pepitas, Green Powder, Apple, Stevia Powder & touch of Maple Syrup.Put it food processor & form patties after made into a paste. Dehydrate for more of a "cookie" texture.  To SuperPower these, add some Rice Protein.  

Seaweed Greens Salad.  Nori Seaweed cut into tiny strips, Prewashed organic greens, Braeburn Apple, Sunflower Seeds, Cayenne Pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Aminos, Eden Toasted Sesame Oil, Olive Oil, Touch of Maple Syrup, Pepper.  

I always try to buy Organic Seaweed.  I believe that Seaweed is a great detoxifier because it "sucks" everything up, but in that same token "it sucks everything up".  So if it is an an area that is dirty or full of heavy metals, it will suck that up too.  Certain brands actually test for heavy metals in addition to their standard Organic Certification.  Also great source of trace minerals.

Anderson Designs
More Rescue Jewelry.  A portion goes to Gateway Pet Guardians.  He has "Rescue" themes and "Pawprints"
All made from wood!  Your purchases mean a little extra help to dogs like Sylvia.

Are any of you involved with animal rescue work?  People rescue work?  Spreading the word about the plight of animals?  What ways do you do this and how do you avoid getting too bummed out or burned out?

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