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Monday, April 4, 2011

Animal Rescue Jewlery. Spay and Neuter is Cuter.

"Adopt Don't Shop" necklace.  
Sold at Alternative Outfitters from Christy Robinson.

Do you know people who seem to be well educated or well meaning but continue to go out and "buy" a dog?  Maybe they think it's okay if it's a "reputable" breeder.....If it's not a puppy mill.  Well, real animal lovers know that "When you buy, another one must die".  That is a life that was not saved because someone insisted on buying purebred dog.  Don't they know you can basically find any type of purebred dog in a rescue?  Don't they know that another shelter dog will be killed because they didn't take the opportunity to rescue a dog already in need of a home?  Well, pull out your "Adopt Don't Shop" necklace to bring awareness to the fact that there are already enough dogs for everyone.  Let's take care of the ones that are already  here before we start creating more.  Oh, and Ms. Goldberg from "The View", on defending your right to buy purebreds.  Go f**k yourself  :)  You should know better.  To think I actually thought you were cool before I saw that clip all over the tely.

Spread the Pit Bull Message while making a donation!
This one is for all the the Pit Bull Lovers and to spread the message the these dogs are born lovers.  It is people who who try to steal their instrinsic loving nature away and turn them into fighters.  I am going to refrain from ranting about what I think should be done with these people, but rest assured it isn't very nice (I skipped yoga today, so ahimsa isn't in my vocabulary for dogfighters).  They evoke a pretty strong guttaral reaction in me, so instead of acting on that, it's probably just best to wear this pretty necklace and help the cause.
From Her Website:
40% of the proceeds of these necklaces will be going to benefit the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation. The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation's goal is to educate and raise awareness on important issues such as pet overpopulation, dog fighting, the senseless ideals behind breed specific banning, and the most recent crisis animals who have fallen victim of home foreclosures.

Puppy Spay or Neuter Pendant.
Christy Robinson Designs.

Do you know people who should know better, but refuse to spay or neuter their pets?  That it would take away from their "manhood" or natural state of being.  Well, these  d-bags (and any ladyfolk too that actually would fall prey to such a ridiculous notion) should be castrated themselves, and I would be more than happy to do it myself.  2 words.  Hedgeclippers, dull.
And seriously, what type of woman would want to continuously give birth until she dies.  Like that doesn't s**k enough, then most of your kids never find homes because there are just too many kids already and then there are the douchebags out there that actually go and
BUY kids.  So yours die.  Well, if you aren't into the hedgeclipper idea, maybe a more peaceful way of spreading your message is with this adorable necklace.  Another gem by Christy Robinson.

Puppy Mills Kill Pendant. Christy Robinson Design.

Seriously, Don't even get me started.  I already ranted about the 2 ton people bitching that their factory farming rights would be revoked because there was a proposition that you had to give dogs proper food and water.  I could just write this off to the fact that we live in Missouri but hush you California people.  You know you have your share of factory dairy farms with "Mastitis Mammas" all over.  You know the stench.  You know what the f**k they are talking about when they advertise "Happy Cows".  I'm just saying....there are d-bags everywhere.  But now I am going to rail on the ones here.  Yeah, that Missouri Folk (primarily folk outside of St. Louis area) want to repeal Proposition B is just demonstrating a lack of compassion and false Christianity.  Because you can't call yourself Christian if you put economic interests over basic rights of other living creatures.  Like feeding dogs and cats (that you are selling for a profit and euthanizing the ones that aren't "perfect" like your 2 ton bacon built body).  Yes, apparently it is un "American" and "Socialist" to require you to provide basic care to the dogs & cats that you are breeding.  Remember, pigs (heart attack/bacon), hamburgers (heart disease/cows), and chickens (animals that have more intrinsic direction than you or I), are NOT considered animals.  They are "livestock".  Meaning, "stock", something to be sold.  "Live", that is living.  I repeat, your right to commit crimes against other sentient beings will not be revoked.  But maybe you should hit Bible Study again, because I don't think Jesus ever said "Kill, Kill, Kill".  Wasn't there something about the meek inheriting the earth? Guess that means that those well armed, gun toting, people killing, animal eating  Americans are screwed.

Spay and Neuter is Cuter Necklace. Christy Robinson Designs.
Look below for "inside" for message!
How cute is this necklace with a surprise inside??

Spay and Neuter is Cuter

Spay or Neuter Cat Pendant.
$25.00 from Christy Robinson.

Sounds True, Inc.


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