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-Mahatma Gandhi

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jay Nixon has been Neutered. Bend over & ditch the KY, this is a Rough One.

I have given up hope for either political party. The only democrat I would vote for now is Dennis Kucinich.  I have already ranted about the Prop B mess in Missouri.  But once again,  Missouri received depressing news of Governor Jay Nixon weakening (bending over without the KY to the Republicans and a few pathetic democrats) of Prop. B that requires Puppy Mills to give adequate care to their dogs. I expect they don't give a flying f*ck about pigs or cows (except when they are lining their veins with their fat and paying for the drugs to try to prevent cow & pig "plaque"), but PUPPIES?? If you can't even stand up for puppies, when your voters have clearly spoken (we actually voted, but I guess those really don't count here in the States anymore, right?), then at this time, you are a lost cause. I know that in your heart you probably think the republicans are completely insane, but WHY the f*ck do I care what is in your heart if you don't take action on it? Do you compromise on the Holocaust (oops, yeah guess we did-you know-we have to protect our financial interests). Do you compromise on child abusers? Do you compromise on genocide?

The "Sticking Points"?? From Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.....

Governor Nixon’s compromise would repeal many of the Prop B requirements, including the following:
Dogs have a rest period between breeding cycles
Dogs not be exposed to extreme heat and cold
Dogs receive veterinary care for all injuries and illnesses
Cages not be stacked or have wire floors
Cages be of a certain size to allow dogs a minimum amount of headroom
Dogs have access to outdoor areas to exercise
Puppy mills be restricted in size
All violations of the bill requirements be prosecuted

I guess it's totally fine to force a woman into pregnancy, continuously, without a break, until she dies.  I mean, if it's about the profit and we make more money the more kids we sell, right?  And of course, we shouldn't take care that the dogs don't freeze to death or die of a heat stroke.  It would be completely ridiculous to require veterinary care too, don't you think?  And to have a minimum amount of headroom would be insane, those Crazy Commie Puppy Lovers!!  Let the puppies outside?  Why the f*ck would we do that?  We know that we make a lot more money with chickens when they stay inside all of the time, with the lights on and with their beaks cut off.  We can't  do anything to change the dog's "looks" though, since that is also where the bucks come in......Those Crazy Socialist Commies.  Providing food & water & care for puppies.  What next?  Will they let Women Vote?

Just remember......there was a time that Women couldn't vote, where Black people were "property" just like animals are "property" now, to be bought and sold.  We, most of us (well, we are in Missouri) think that slavery and women being 2nd class citizens now is shocking & crazy. So I can only believe in the future, that people will actually begin to see that animals aren't "property".  Other Animals inherently cooperate.  They are usually  more developed souls than most people and they actually practice what most religions preach.  
So Dear Jay Nixon, you have lost a vote for the Democratic Party across the board. I will vote Green and the chips fall as they may. If you don't have the balls to stand up for the voters and are continually getting blown by people with financial interests and you are too freaked out to stand up for ethics because you might lose votes, then just bend over and take it. Leave the KY at home because that's what Missouri Voters are feeling today. So just grab your knee pads and keep blowin', cause you already lost all respect from people who actually give a shit about other forms of life.

And for those surprised that Puppies would fall under "Agriculture".............Y'all should SEE how real agriculture is treated, and it ain't just in Missouri. Yeah, that morning bacon.  That hamburger you got at the drive-thru.  That "healthy" chicken that has over a 50% chance of having some really awesome Staph.  And really, what is the difference between a pig & a dog? Why is it not socially acceptable to barbecue dogs? Why would it be strange to see someone take a leg of a Pit Bull, marinade it, grill it on the Hibachi, and eat it off the bone?? Or how about prepackaged low fat slices of German Shepards? Neatly sliced, deli style. So neatly that it wasn't evident that it was actually ever once alive.

The "Glimpse" of hope?? Dennis Kucinich (Smallest Man, Biggest Balls), who realizes Women are Goddesses and actually learns from them! Yep.....he learned about veganism from a woman and guess what, it healed his Crohn's Disease! He learned about being pro-choice from a girl! And what? Feed people and help people get access to water to help create peace? You mean this is better than saying that Christianity rules and Muslims are terrorists? How completely Insane! I mean, it wasn't like Timothy McVeigh was TRULY Christian like Osama Bin Laden was Truly Muslim.

So for now, he is only Democrat I will vote for. If that means that rape and incest victims can't get abortions, that women wearing mini skirts were actually asking to be assaulted, that women are so stupid they need to wait days before getting an abortion so they can see videos of fetuses from the kind people that hate any other race or religion and are okay with killing people, as long as they aren't white (Maybe you should wait 3 f**cking days before eating a hamburger or how about getting a gun license?), that we should fire all of our teachers, policemen, and firemen before considering any tax increases for the richest 1% of the world, that we should use all of our environmental resources because God put them here for use to use up, that we should abolish all unions because God knows that middle class people already have too much money and they don't work enough, so be it. I mean, we have to compromise, right? Besides coat hangers and rubbing alcohol are fairly cheap and women get by in other countries, right?

So if my Green Vote means all of this (by splitting the democratic vote), At least I expect ALL of it. It's not nearly as disturbing as being disappointed that you,  just bent over, because it's not like you actually have the means to make money if you weren't in political office, right? I mean,  Mr. Governor, you really need this job for the money, just so you can eat and feed your family. We know it's hard to make ethical decisions when you may not have enough money to cover rent each month.

The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.
-Alice Walker

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  1. We sure as heck DO compromise on genocide! Are you kidding? See Rwanda. See Sudan.

    The only problem with this is that Republicans, when they win elections, they do REALLY, REALLY bad stuff. So bad, that, frankly, it's better to have an ineffective Dem in office, because at least they won't go out of the way to destroy the environment and harm the working class (they won't cut busses, they won't push tax breaks for the rich, they won't deny education funding, they won't destroy unions, etc).

    Puppy mills are bad, but I have to say, in my opinion, the biggest issue facing the world today, and the one that I'd bet money that in the future, people will look back upon and realize that the end of life as we know it started with, and that's overfishing. Fish are literally going extinct -- oil spills aside, nuclear disasters aside. Even without all the ocean problems, fish were going extinct because commercial fisheries trawl the waters and feed the world's population with what they catch. The ocean was not made to withstand massive hunting for inland peoples, and the ecosystem is absolutely crashing from every level of the ocean food chain being decimated. I mean, puppy mills are bad, but really, the issues facing us are so huge that puppies will starve. People will starve, and soon.

    Sorry to be so apocalyptic on your blog!

  2. I totally agree with you. We do compromise on genocide and Puppy Mills certainly are not the "biggest" problem facing us. But I feel like if they can't EVEN stand up for puppies, which even conservative peeps here in the Midwest are against, then there is ZERO hope for any of the other issues which people typically don't care about anyway. If he can't even stand up to Puppy Mills, there isn't any way he will have a backbone on anything environmental (which the majority of the state doesn't even think about-remember, here it is a conflict whether there even ARE environmental problems!!), human/women rights related, or animal farming related. It's such a non-controversial issue as far as "issues" go. It's not like dog rescue people are hippie animal rights people. Typically they span across both political parties and I would think at least 50% of them here vote Repbulican and may even have homophobic/racist tendencies. I think my gut reaction is, if you don't have the balls to stand up for something that the majority of a very conservative state stands up for, then you have already been castrated. I don't know what action we can take to make the Dems grow a pair, except for not continually voting for them. This is not a state where most of the people actually believe there will ever be a water shortage and they would fight tooth and nail to prevent any fishing regulations, even though it would be protecting the industry in the long run.

    It may be apocalyptic from me, but I don't think Americans tend to change unless they are personally affected by something (in general). So when we hit rock bottom and food and water is scarce, people may begin to understand.

    People buy SUVs when the gas prices are low. They get high for one month and they buy a Hybrid. They lower again, temporarily, and people think gas is cheap again and buy an SUV.

    In general, here, I don't see a lot of concern for the end, long term result. People are only worried about the economy, without realizing that the choices we are making today actually do have devastating effects on our economy!

    But it is super depressing to me that something that is considered to be a no brainer, non controversial thing, can't even get passed because of financial interest and a few influential lobbies. It seems very, very bleak that anything else has any hope.