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Monday, April 25, 2011

Missouri Dog Lovers: Are You Killing Prop. B? More Vegan Bling Jewelry.

Seitan Lover Necklace (Vegan)
Daisy Wares

What?  You love dogs and you are pissed and livid and all over your social media telling Jay Nixon to f** o** and that you aren't going to vote for him again??  Well, first, it started with the Republican Vote base.  But you are RIGHT.  Mr. Jay Nixon should have upheld what Missouri Voters wanted and pulled his cojones out of his a** to do it.  So you are helpless and you can't stand the fact that these poor dogs are suffering so miserably why these blow hards protect their "Agricultural Interests"??

What can you do in this moment to change that?

Go Vegan.

Don't keep giving their side money!  If you think the whole thing is totally bogus and you want the puppies to win, you must quit buying products from all of the companies that want Prop B killed.  Animal Agriculture.  And that means chicken.  Yep, chicken is not vegetarian.  No meat.  No dairy.  No Eggs.  If you are still using and buying these products from people who are funding the opposition, then consider yourself against Prop. B.  Consider yourself in support of factory farming puppies.  'Cause that's why everyone is so freaked out.  They are really freaked out that if you give 2 shits about puppies that somehow you might not like that pigs are treated even worse!  You can bitch.  You can moan.  But if you are still eating chicken, you just voted.  And it wasn't for the puppies.

Simple Economics.  Quit giving money to the people who are killing Prop. B.  To the companies pouring endless funds into advertising and lobbying.   Even if you think pigs, chickens, and cows are very different creatures than your beloved puppies,  in my opinion, you should stop funding the source! If you are against abortion, you generally don't make daily payments to Planned Parenthood and have them earmarked for abortions.  Or if you are Christian, do you make a monthly check out to  A Muslim Mosque, to support their activities-or vice versa?  Do I make out checks to John Ashcroft every single day?  You vote with your money.  You buy stuff everyday.  And you probably buy food more often than anything else.  In addition to saving the puppies, well you may (in my opinion) find yourself with a lower risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, stroke, and heart disease.  

Then adorn yourself and be proud (check out more vegan jewelry here).
At least you don't have to spend countless hours trying to pull your cojones out of a vast, dark, impacted place (this diet will clean ya out too).

"Vegan Future" Earrings by Maille Mosiacs
Vegan Future Earrings from "Vegan Essentials" Online Store.
Maille Mosaics

Click image to see enlarged view

Snooty Jewelry

Click image to see entire necklace
Pewter Letter Beads "Vegan" message Necklace. Snooty Jewelry

Bracelet Shown... Click image to see choker
Black Nylon Choker "Vegan" from "Snooty Jewelry"
Similar Styles available as bracelets too.

"I am not for your Entertainment" Anti-Animal Circus Necklace Christy Robinson

Go Vegan Hand Stamped Pendant Necklace, Rubber Cord. 
Daisy Wares.

Click image to see entire necklace
"Vegan" Necklace from Snooty Jewelry.
I fell in love with this after I saw Brenda of  Kinship Circle wearing it!
Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia

"Not A Nugget" Necklace Christy Robinson 
Alternative Outfitters

Vegan Chick Hand Stamped Jewelry
"Vegan Chick" Necklace from Vegan Aesthetics
$34.00 to $41.00 Necklaces & Bracelets

Vegan Pewter Cube Necklace
Snooty Jewlery

$22.00 to $24.00

Vegan Pendant with Cow and Brass Chain from Bonnifide Designs.
Lots of Styles/Colors.

"V" is for "Vegan" Vaute Couture Necklace.$27.50
Collaboration between Vaute Couture & Christy Robinson.
2 vegan Chics working together to create more
"Vegan Bling".

"The Big Why" Vegan Message Necklace. Bonnifide Designs. 
 Inspired by "Why we Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows" book.

Vegan Earrings.  "V" with a Gun!!
Glass, Sterling Silver.
Lots of Styles/Colors.
Bonnifide Designs.

Click image to see entire bracelet
Bali Sterling Silver Bracelet: Vegan
From Snooty Jewelry

Click image to see enlarged view
Sterling Silver "Farm Charm" Vegan Bracelet
Snooty Jewelry

"Vegan" Scrabble letters Bracelet.
Different Styles/Colors.
Bonnifide Designs.

Sounds True, Inc.

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