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-Mahatma Gandhi

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vegan Phat: Raw Cashew Banana Pudding.

I was tickled to find these animations from South Park's Matt Stone & Trey Parker on YouTube!  They take excerpts from talks of Alan Watts and animate them.  Alan Watts got my attention in college, where I had accumulated a stack of his books from a favorite used book store.  I tried to no delve into them too deeply as they didn't seem conducive to "study" (maybe this video explains it).  But it's funny, because a few years back my folks were listening to audio of Alan Watts, my mom asking to be dropped at the bookstore to buy Kerouac's "Dharma Bums" with a copy of "Be Here Now" in her hand!  My folks are the right age to have done all of that the "first time around", but married at 19 & 20 years of age, and a baby (me) one year later probably didn't leave lots of room for relaxation, or philosophizing.  While I often find South Park completely offensive, I do think it is witty and my favorite episodes are when they deal with religion.  Well, I lent a lot of my favorite Watts to a boy (2 decades ago) along with a beautiful copy of the Tao de Ching.  I hope the boy enjoyed them.  Probably better he have them anyway, as he ended up in ethnomusicology studying Indian Music.  I'm still too type A for that.........Funny fact.  Perusing journals from grade school, I have quotes from Ramakrishna and extended rants about Phyliss Schlafly and how she was destroying women.  I haven't changed a bit.  I think the Up series is true.  Our core is developed by 7.  If you haven't seen this series, put it on your Netflix list.  It follows a group of kids and checks in with them every 7 years.  You see how they change, if they change, and you also realize that your life flies by so quickly, that you had better not always be thinking about the last measure.

Except for running.  Or in my case, slow jogging.  Just because maybe the zen of running isn't enough when you are wondering, how many miles did I go?  Maybe it was 5?  Or maybe it was 2 and it felt like 5.  That's why I was stoked when my new toy arrived.  Not thrilled about the label that said it contained substances known to cause cancer in the state of California, but I figured it I wasn't in California, then what the heck.

The Garmin 305.  A bulky watch that tells you that it takes a really friggin long time to burn off the 900 calories worth of pudding I just ate.  That's why I don't count calories.  I would be depressed all of the time, and would never get my dishes done.   Now I can't pretend I went 5 miles though, when I only went 2.  It tells me all sorts of cool stuff like my heart rate, mileage, pace..........

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor

Recent eats (yeah, don't even try to run these off unless you are feeling particularly ambitious).  Fat & Sugar for morning time eats.  I'm terrible!

Bananas, Cashews, Stevia (or sweetener of choice).  Put in Vita-Mix with enough water to blend smooth.  Or, put in Food Processor, add small amount of water to created desired texture.  Yes, Super Phat.  Really, Super Fat.  I don't count calories.  But I don't eat refined foods generally either, so thinking there is some fiber in all of this!

Finished Breakfast.  
Goofball.  This guy literally followed my friend and I around a park, several times and people were asking if it was our cat.  He acted like a dog.  Then he preceded to scarf down 2 bowls of food from my neighbor's porch so she determined he was famished (I thought this too at the time).  Come to realize, he is just a glutton.  I had him quarantined in part of our house that had no air except a window unit.  The guy managed to pry himself out of the window and fell/jumped 3 very tall stories.  We thought he would be at the bottom, not doing very well.  He was nowhere to be found.  We thought he must have crawled off somewhere and was no longer with us.  On a whim, I went out that night to "walk", really to "look" for him.  When I went to the front door, he was meowing for food!  He seems very much like our dear Otis who passed away several years ago and it just makes you go hmmmmm.....Could it be Oatman?  If Oatman came to me now, would I turn him away?  Oatman is why we have a juicer more powerful than some people's cars (mainly our cars).

Saturday Update: We just got back from digging for hours and hours in a collapsed house in East St. Louis, trying to rescue puppies.  We were able to get one today.  One was MIA today and the other fled to an area that we never could have caught him/her.  Covered in soot.  Puppy will be named "Jois" pronounced "Joyce" but spelled "Jois" because she was hiding under the floor joists.  Many hours of shovelling with our hands, and big thanks to SuperHero Paul, who we called midway through & he met us there bearing lots of manly tools (like shovels which he claims were not invented by a chic).  

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  1. I'm trying to figue out if I'd like this. I like them separately, but I'm not sure about together... seems like a weird combination. However, I do like banana with almond butter. Crazy!
    Glad you enjoyed it! :)

    And thanks for posting about the Garmin 305 - that's an awesome piece of equipment. ;)

  2. It's straight fat and sugar. For hardcore addicts. Not really a "recipe" but a fix! For those days that I am trying not to eat 3 avocados in my carob avocado pudding!!