The most violent weapon on earth is the table fork.
-Mahatma Gandhi

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Friday, August 12, 2011

World Peace & Yoga Jubilee. Yogis, Peace Warriors & Prana Peeps.

October 2011.
Save the Date!

All you yogis, you vegans, you vegheads, you non-violent communicators or people who breathe. So all of ya!!  This looks SO awesome.  All plant based with super amazing eats.  It's like the Who's Who of the Vegan World all getting their kundalini on.  When I watch the video it seems like everyone is on a super "happy drug", but I think it's just the Yoga!  Peeps who have been involved with this are of course the whole "Jivamukti Crowd", Sharon Gannon, David Life, Ruth  Lauer Maneienti ("Lady Ruth"), Gabriel CousensWill TuttleJulia Butterfly Hill and More!!  Lots of Vegan Eats.  They have lowered the prices a bit & you can see what and who will be there, in Loveland Ohio, for the World Peace & Yoga Jubilee 2011.  And make start cooking or uncooking some vegan eats to prepare!  But seriously consider an extended weekend of chanting, eating, & getting your yoga groove on!  Remember, Yoga is breath, or quieting the chitter chatter of your head, so you could probably sign up for lots of food/spiritual nutrition classes with Gabriel Cousens and non-violent communication, etc....So if you aren't into downward dogs, there is a place for you too!  And since you are all going to be meditating on how to make it to Loveland, some sweet pics.  Apparently meditating can make you have a sweet tooth! And thank you Anna Ferguson & Friends for putting together such a delicious & energizing event!!

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