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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sexy Vegan Sunday: Anna Ferguson & the World Peace Yoga Crew.

Anna Ferguson, Doug Swenson, Joe Barnett.
Amy Ferguson (Grandma Dirt).
"We Can Live in Peace".
"Be The Change".

What a wonderful Sunday Video.  Anna Ferguson wins Sexy Vegan Sunday Woman for sure.  Stationed in Ohio, she has created "World Peace Yoga" which is a beautiful fusion of Jivamukti, " World Peace Diet" inspired, Spiritual Activism oriented Yoga.  And she pairs that beautifully in this demo featuring very pertinent music by Amy Ferguson.  This isn't your typical yoga school/camp.  It seems that if you hang at this studio that you are being prepped to change the world.  This stuff isn't meant to "stay on the mat" nor do you have to travel to exotic lands to take it "off the mat".  I love that she has created a "Vegan Mecca" in Ohio.  Maybe Dennis & Elizabeth  Kucinich should make guest appearances??
Thank you Anna for creating such a beautiful space.  If you guys want in on the action, then take a look at the "World Peace Yoga Jubilee.  The prices are very reasonable, plus you can choose to get a discount for working certain hours.  I think why I personally gravitate towards these "styles" of yoga is that people like Anna use art, music, diet, chanting, the whole works, in their teaching.  I love when artists, musicians, chefs, authors, integrate all of their talents. 

Get your spiritual warrior on and sign-up!!

Have any of you guys gone to the World Peace Yoga Jubilee in the past??  

  What yoga events have you gone to? 

 Who are your favorite teachers?  What do you look for in a yoga class? 

I haven't gone to the WPYJ, but it looks great, and I am flirting with the idea this year!  I have gone to Kirtans but right now I don't remember going to any yoga trip/event that lasted more than one day.  My favorite teachers are just "real" and don't shy away from yoga philosophy.  I can't stand a "sterile" yoga class, a class where the yoga is "sanitized" to appear less "religious" or "spiritual".  Luckily, it seems much more okay in our culture now to embrace eastern views without offending or intruding on each person's own religion.  Living in the "Bible Belt", I am aware that not all people would embrace hearing anything read from the Gita or the Sutras in a class.  Love classes that use music of all types and that are "heavy" and "light", fun at the same time.  I don't like excessive detail on body alignment because I just don't feel like I am going to get any more of a yoga "rush" if one day my Warrior I is in perfect form.  

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