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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Late Night's Favorite Astrophysicist, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson on NOT going to Circuses. And Vegan Gluten Free Whole Foods Pizza.

Was so delighted to see this in my inbox!  Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, who we always see on the Late Night Shows (Colbert & The Daily Show-we don't do Leno), is talking about animals and how he doesn't take his kids to the circus.  Astrophysics just got a whole lot sexier.

Roasted Vegetable Pizza.  Gluten Free.  Vegan.  365, Whole Foods Brand.
So we bought this pizza on a whim.  I don't remember the cost but maybe it was 5 bucks, which we thought was maybe a deal-until we opened it!  It's super tiny, BUT if you add all your own junk, it's what a "regular" meal should probably be.  It's not "organic", but when you impulse buy mini-pizzas at Whole Foods you just let your values slide sometimes  :)  

The Tapioca Flour & Potato Starch is probably what makes the crust "doable" in a Gluten Free version. The crust actually turned out fine.  The pizza came with next to no toppings so we added mushrooms, green peppers, chili peppers, onion, garlic, and with my husband's encouragement, well, Daiya Cheese.  I know, we are real rebels.  

Of course we could have each eaten our own, but we were being "civilized", and we didn't have 2 of them.  We would probably buy it again as it was already "pre-made" and easier to add stuff then build from the crust alone.  Or at least it seemed like less work, you know, when you have bad tv to watch, and you have to prepare your junk food quickly.  

A new dog on the feeding route in East St. Louis.  She has one puppy by her right now.  Pj rescued what she thought was this puppy in the video, yesterday, and sadly she was too sick, dehydrated, malnourished and didn't make it.  But there may be more puppies or a chance that we could help Mama dog out, if we see her again.  Pj thinks she might be sick too, as she didn't see her the last 2 days.  Any dog/cat people out there in the St. Louis area that would like to "ride along" on the feeding route and see what Pj & Gateway Pet Guardians do each day?  Today we rescued THREE dogs, CRAZY.  Thankfully they all have fosters, which is why it was okay.  And they were all "easy" as far as rescues go.  I had myself slathered in sunblock and my rugged "sun clothes" and pants with a zillion pockets, just in case it was going to be one of those walking through brush (forest) or digging in soot mornings, but it was crazy easy and now I guess I can water my Kale since my face is already all sunblocked out!
You don't have to "foster" if you ride along either (I can't!).  But it helps to get more people out & about & communicate about the rescue group.  So you Adventurous St. Louis Vegans & Dog Lovers!! Call us up & let's set a "morning rendezvous"!

We tried to get closer to the puppy, to get pictures, but she was being a very good mother and wouldn't have anything to do with it.  Do you hear the little puppy crying for Mama??  Such beautiful, sentient creatures living against a backdrop of shocking poverty & crime.  For the animals & the children & the people trying to "make it".  Not an easy thing. Mornings are very peaceful though, not a lot of peeps out.  And Pj only covers a small area of the city, and these areas are not "indicative" of the entire region.  I had no real "idea" of what Pj actually did, and I had known her for years, until I actually went and rode along one day.  Mostly you just stay in the car, get out & meet the dogs if you like, snap photos.  Just someone to ride along with her or sometimes Pj & someone goes and then we have another car of people "visiting".  Sometimes vets, reporters, animal lovers.  

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  1. watch out for the whole foods "organic" brand as it has been exposed as a fraud in the past. i don't trust it at all.

  2. The pizza looks amazing!
    For a cheap, fast pizza I buy the ready-made pizza dough at Trader Joe's for $1, which makes a 10-12 inch pie. I spread cornmeal on my hot pizza stone, put the dough on it and spread it flat, and top it with sauce, toppings, and vegan cheese if I have it. It's about 20-30 minutes in the oven but if you're putting vegan cheese you might want to give the pie a 10-15 minute head start before you add the cheese.