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Saturday, January 7, 2012

"D" is for Dosa. The Vegan Dosa Cart in Washington Square Park, New York. "P" is for Politics. Some FurKids from the Streets of East St. Louis. Raw Vegan Sweet Potato Pudding (Impromptu).

New York's Best Eats.  The Dosa Cart in Washington Park.
Vegan Dosa Heaven.  Seriously cheap & delicious eats in New York.
Listed hours are Monday-Saturday 11-4, but always CHECK!!!!
Thiru's FB page Link

NY Dosas
50 Washington Square S
Greenwich Village

It's always hard when we hit NY, because there are SO many places to eat that it's difficult to find time or belly space to go to all our faves while trying new places.  We were so thrilled to finally try the "Dosa Cart" of Washington Square on our last trip.  Super cheap, Super Yummy, and Super Vegan.

We got the Pondicherry Dosa and Mixed Vegetable Uthappam.  Apparently the Pondicherry Dosa is a pretty popular item on the menu.  Nearly everything at the Dosa Cart is Gluten Free, but obviously there is only one working area so if you are celiac (then you have to make delcious dosas at home!) then no go.  But if you eat gluten free and aren't celiac (or have severe gluten intolerance), then you are in for a treat!  Lentil and Rice flours are used with fresh veggies, coconut chutneys, and scrumptious potato fillings.

There are also several "soy stick", Bready, Snacky types of foods too.  Probably perfect for a hangover or while you are actually doing the damage :)  Samosas, Vegan Drumsticks, and Veggie Rolls are part of these offerings.  I prefer the dosas but hubby loves all the snacky snacks too!

Serious magic is made in an extremely small working space!

Thiru Kumar, the force behind the dosa cart, is from Sri Lanka and became vegan years back.  His cart is in Washington Square Park.  West 4th @Sullivan.

I was loving the coconut chutney.  Tasted super fresh.  Dosas were great and seriously cheap.  If this were available by our house, we would seriously be there on a daily basis.

I truly can't believe that it took so many years of our NY eats before we hit the Dosa Cart.......My hubby would be fine eating there every single meal! 

And "P" is for Politics.........I have already expressed my dismay at the lack of truly "progressive" candidates.  Or maybe when I say "progressive", I mean ones that realize the earth has finite resources for us to use & that it might be smart to consider that when doing all that fancy lawmaking.  Some excerpts.......

If you plan to run for president, in addition to not getting caught in strange sexual escapades, showing up at planned parenthood for surgical services, and doing hard drugs (all of which we have overlooked in the past)-add not strapping your dog to the roof of the car.  

He seems slightly hopeful here.........but  nothing compared to the last, the star, Dennis Kucinich.  

Oh......what to do........maybe a "write in".......Food, sustainability, subsidies, health, all have a lot to do with our current political system.  It is pretty tricky finding someone that has the same values. 

More "P" posts.............

Raw Vegan Sweet Potato Pudding.  
Hungry this afternoon, or just wanting to eat, never know the difference.
Cut up 2 sweet potatoes, Added 4 dates, Stevia, Pumpkin Pie Spice and enough water to blend in the Vita-Mix.  You could add  more dates, or coconut oil to make it creamier.  Super easy, and if no coconut oil, then low fat.  

These are all animals that are living on the streets of East St. Louis.  Pj & GPG go to feed, care for, and rescue them every single day.  The kitties above have won Pj's heart and she called me tonight, pretty joyful, that the little one has let her pick him up & hold him with no scratching!

RaRa has lived her whole life on the streets.  She is able to stay on the porch of a man's house, but she is not "his" dog.  Pj gives him food to feed her and we also make her a regular on our route.  She is getting older and we really want to find her a foster.  She is very shy, but very sweet.

And there is Whitney.  Many of her friends have been rescued, including Malcolm.  Such a great face & personality.

Lloyd has been out here for years now.  Sometimes months go by and he is not seen, then one day Pj sees him and is happy he is still alive.  GPG rescues dogs based upon "need" and/or available fosters.  We have no facility so rely on foster homes to help these kids get back on track and get adopted out.  Often pregnant dogs, who we can spay or neuter if it isn't too late, or puppies (who are easily adopted and also have a very hard time surviving in frigid temps), or wounded dogs (from fights or human inflicted violence) get first dibs. My heart is often with the older kids, the kids that have been on the streets for awhile.  Another bummer is.....sometimes someone "claims" a dog even though they are not spayed or neutered, or fed, etc.....In this case we try to make sure the pup gets fed and medical care if needed.  We keep our eyes out and often the person who "claimed" the dog will have vacated the area.  Pj would love to pull these kids prior, but sometimes threats are issued, and she has to take care to protect herself.  Yella was finally able to be rescued after his "person" just left one day.  Pj tries to keep in touch with neighbors, find out the status on some of the dogs.  If any of these kids look like a good fit for you, or you might like to foster, then please contact us!  


  1. That Dosa Cart is so awesome. Yay for Vegan food on the go! Fun post.

  2. Excellent post! I love the videos and so did my husband. And the cart, what a great find! Yummers.

  3. I wish there were more vegan food carts where I lived...those Dosa's look really good. And yeah, I agree about the politicians. I saw Kucinich at an animal rights conference and was truly a star.

  4. Hey there! I was introduced to the whole food cart thing when I was in Portland this summer, and it pretty much blew my mind. I've never had a dosa before, but they look great! And I'd like to say that the political scene in Canada is better, but it's really not. We've gone very downhill the last year...pulling out of Kyoto recently which is just downright embarrassing, as well as nullifying gay marriage. Sigh. So much for being a progressive country, eh?

  5. Allysia-bummer! I always envision Canada as being like the states in a way, as in a similar culture, yet the people just have more brains. Sad to hear it is dumbing down!! But you don't have your own version of Sarah Palin or Rick Santorum, do you?? We may still win for the amount of douchebags. I just saw Stephen Colbert was on the ballot in one state, maybe I will just write him in :)