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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Raw Vegan Sticky Sweet Balls. Cinnamon Grrls from Matt Amsden's Rawvolution Book. PlantFusion Vegan Gluten Free Protein. Chicken & Human Consumption: Will the EPA say "Yes"? Fishiness about Fish. East St. Louis Stray Dogs.

Love raw balls......but these are super special & yummy.  

I like a lot of the recipes from this book, such as the sunflower seed cheeses.  But....a few recipes, such as the onion bread (others have raved about) and the spinach & mushroom pies, were major flops for me.  I think the pies had way too much salt (it was in the form of nama shoyu or tamari).  So I have not revisited those.........but now when I see recipes in this book heavy on the tamari, I would automatically halve it.

I love that these have a lot of cinnamon in them.  The original recipe calls for agave, but I quit that stuff and my new "refined" sweetener is Raw Coconut Nectar.  The recipe makes "sweet balls", so if you don't drink a strong black coffee with them, then you may want to reduce some of the nectar, and/or raisins.

These raisins are the cheapest organic ones at Whole Foods...

I either get this from Whole Foods, Raw Food World, or whatever website has a sale.  I tend to favor dates for sweet, so I don't have to buy this in mega-bulk.  I also would tend to skimp on the nectar in the recipe, using only as much as needed to make "sticky balls".  Sometimes I just add a small amount of water, if it seems like too much sugary material is needed for texture.

My truly raw, organic almonds (gluten free too) from Bremner Farms.

Just need your trusted food processor.  Mine is cracked (center post) so eventually will have to decide whether to stick with Cuisinart or another brand.

Okay, I would skip the oil this time......The recipe calls for it, but I don't feel it is "needed". 

In the Kitchen Aid.  You don't "need" the Kitchen Aid, but I am often quite lazy.

Sweet Beautiful Balls, just the way I like them.

The folks at PlantFusion sent me a few packets of their Vegan, Gluten Free Protein powder.  I am not "huge" on protein powder, meaning, I certainly don't think you "need" to have protein powder if you are vegan.  But, that said, I have started keeping some gluten free powders in my fridge as an option.  If you are one of those people who feel they need a really high protein drink for their diet, or because you are an ultramarathoner, well, you probably have a lot more experience with vegan proteins.  They sent me Vanilla, Chocolate, & Chocolate Rasberry.  The flavor was great & the stuff is vegan, gluten free, AND had 42% of your protein in one serving.  It is soy free too!

And the protein is derived from Brown Rice, Artichoke Powder & Pea protein.  They bragged no bloating.  And it's true........Anything "Bloat Free" is awesome in my book.  I would say, yes, I would buy this to keep on hand.  Sometimes I eat a lot of bananas and greens and try to kind of keep it to easy & digestible smoothies.  Usually these are the times I throw in protein powder.  Other favorites are hemp, chia, and sesame seeds.........

And some stray dogs living on the streets of East St. Louis.  Pj & go daily to feed them-every single day for well over one decade.  Feed, give medical attention to, & rescue.  Above is RaRa, who was featured in our documentary.  RaRa is able to stay on Tony's porch, and Tony & Pj feed her-but we would love to have a foster for her so she will be able to "retire" in a cozy home!

Lloyd &  Whitney used to be part of Malcolm's pack.  Lloyd is the black dog & has lived his whole life on the streets.  There can be months where Pj never sees him and then he starts showing up again.  Whitney is the white dog.  Both are friendly, yet very shy.  Don't be fooled!  Most of these dogs will not just get in your car.  It takes a lot of time, trust, and then either a very sly rescuer (like Pj) OR a trap and hours of waiting........

Horton is another one who used to have a pack but we have rescued several of his buddies.  He has a new girl that he is interested in, and is kind of unreliable now.  Hopefully he will start showing up daily again.  All we need are fosters so we can pull these guys!  Oh, and of course money!

Oh, and my buddy Dr. G just doesn't stop working.........if animal suffering isn't enough of a reason to quit.....well, that & a host of other illnesses.......

EPA dioxin limit has National Chicken Council worried products could be declared “unfit for consumption”

Oh, so you are going to eat fish instead????  From Dr. Gregor's article above:

Fish is the most contaminated (see Farmed Fish vs. Wild-CaughtThe Problem with Organic Salmon, and Is Distilled Fish Oil Toxin-Free?). In fact, the levels of dioxins and other pollutants in the body can be used as a biomarker for fish consumption (see Hair Testing for Mercury). Second only to fish in terms of industrial toxic waste in our food supply, is eggs (see also Food sources of PCB chemical pollutants). Third most contaminated is dairy. The National Cheese Institute and International Ice Cream Association also predictably opposed the EPA dioxin limit, fearing it “would scare consumers away from our products.”

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