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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tiengarden Vegan. Broccoli, Bok Choi, and Burdock. Brassica Delights. Of Puppies & Pigs.

                                            170 Allen St # 1  New York, NY 10002-2191
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Tiengarden is one of my favorite places in New York.  Awhile back, it was Bluestocking, Tiengarden & MooShoes, right in a row.  MooShoes moved a street over, but the other two places remain in the same location.  It is a non-pretentious place with pretty clean & healthy Chinese cuisine.  

Special things about Tiengarden-the Vegan Guide said that they don't use garlic & onions.  I don't know if that is true or not-the food is bursting with flavor. But I guess the heavily spiced foods is thought to "mess up your chi".  There is still ginger and warming spices so the food is amazing.  But it is Buddhist Style Chinese and they are looking out for calm meditation.  The whole philosophy that those strong types of foods will interfere with the "cushion".  And, no booze.  

Bluestockings-the bookstore next door!
You have to love a bookstore with Bitch magazine, vegan cookies, and DivaCups!  This is our favorite part of the city.  Union Square area and the Lower East Side.  Teany, Babycakes, Tiengarden, Mooshoes, and lots of other vegan eats.  Gus's pickles used to be across from MooShoes, think Crossing Delancy movie, but we were bummed that they had moved.

Think activist zines, "The Anarchist's Cookbook", Vegan Books, Gay & Lesbian friendly, feminist, transgender, political.......they have it all.  And hot coffee!  Great tee shirts too!

Lots of Veg Starter kits and random reading material...
Can you spot "Diet for a New America"?

They even had vegan desserts.  

It's a cozy space, perfect for noshing on steamed veggies and hot & sour soup.

Adverstising  :)

We are always in New York when it's cold......... Woodear Mushroom & Burdock Soup.  I was so into "Burdock" that the waiter had to talk me out of adding it to my main dish as well!  

I was a big fan of the woodear mushrooms!  With Rice Noodles.

Seriously warming on a brisk New York day.  

The "i-dish" where you choose what veggies you want and whatever sauce desired. I chose Szechuan Sauce with some heat.  And lots of brassicas!! Broccoli, Bok Choy, the works!  And brown rice.  Gluten Free!

The "i-dish" where you choose what veggies you want and whatever sauce desired. I chose Szechuan Sauce with some heat.  And lots of brassicas!! Broccoli, Bok Choy, the works!  And brown rice.  Gluten Free!

Hubby got the Chinese Black Bean sauce with some brassica love as well.  And showing some bean curd love as well!

Just love that the food was discernibly NOT greasy.  I cannot stand we never eat Asian food "out".  Because it has to be vegan, gluten free, and not like you are consuming the same amount of grease as in a popcorn at a movie. 

The tofu was "firm" yet happily not "fried" with the outside crisp.  Even though my hubby learned the love of tofu from the crispy stuff, now he actually prefers the more nourshing, un-deep fried version. 

Wish this place stayed open later.  

Tiengarden Vegan Restaurant on Urbanspoon

It's cool that you can choose the sauce.  Other choices included Ginger & Curry Peanut, which I am sure are fabulous as well. I am actually getting serious bok choi cravings writing this post!!  Love that they have "organic" dishes offered as well. 

No MSG.  No hidden animal products.  And Jasmine tea......a match made in heaven.  What can be better??  Well......walking down the street and going shoe shopping with the cats of MooShoes!! So wonderful to have such compassionate businesses in such a hip area.  Hopefully that idea will expand and will eliminate the need for the "leather row" on the next street over.  Someday  maybe it will be pleather row & hemp havens!

And a total feel good video.  This pig adopts some abandoned puppies.  Please share with anyone who doubts the incredible wisdom or compassion of sentient pig beings.  I feel like I came "out of the womb" unable to discern the differences between pigs, cows, or dogs.  Never "getting" how they are treated so differently.  We often "harden" and "adjust" to what is "normal" in our culture.  However, lack of compassion is never something for which I was willing to "adjust".  I wish I could stop the suffering of all the pigs & cows & chickens in the world, but I cannot.  I wish that very loving beautiful people would be able expand the circle of compassion to include all sentient beings.  That we could reduce unnecessary suffering.  We would be such a beautiful species, as humans, if we could learn the compassion showed by this Mama Pig.  They could teach us so much, if we would only quiet down enough to listen.


  1. That does sound like a great section of NY, where so many vegan-friendly shops are next to each other. I love how the restaurant piles on the veggies. That's how I am at home - I have a bit of rice with a huge pile of veggies on top. Rice is an afterthought for me. And, the pig video is too sweet. I'll show that to my children today. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This place sounds awesome!! I'm totally jealous.
    & that video! aw it made my heart melt- what is wrong with the world that such beautiful beings are condemned by our ignorance/arrogance. I can't think about it for too long or I lose it. Baby steps, we can all make a difference right?