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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I may be a Dirty Girl but I don't eat Poop! Fecal Free Pesto Kale Chips from "Everything Raw Book". Kale makes you Glow! Vitamin Vendetta? Do Vitamins increase your cancer risk?

Trying to eat my weeds!  Well, these are weeds I planted!!!!! Last year I planted an entire pack of dandelions and nothing came up.  Thankfully, some came up this year & they seem to resist the bugs.  LOVE them for smoothies, salads, & Juicing.

Eating Poo??  Nah, I'll stick with Kale!!

Dr. Gregor never ceases to amaze me.  He spends his days researching nutrition, pouring through journals (including food industry journals) and then makes what he learned totally user friendly by putting out little bite size portions of interesting nutritional facts.  You can see hundreds of videos like this, on every subject, on his site  I went veggie at least 30 years ago now and have been vegan for nearly 15.  The first year or two of my veganism I did "cheat" a few times with cheese pizza.  OUCH.  If I would have actually known anything about this kind of stuff, I never would have cheated!!  So what are the facts?  From the industry journals themselves?  Well, Milk has poo in it.  And Pus.  A lot of Pus.  The States allows more pus in the milk than any other country in the world.  As Dr. G points out, Milk is the Perfect Food, for COWS!!!!!  There are a multitude of reasons that little kids are fat now.........My personal opinion is that The Dairy Council should not be getting government dollars for contributing to some of those reasons.  I am wondering if all of the Republicans and Tea Partiers that hate government interference are ready to ditch the subsidies to these places! It doesn't even make good economic sense, as we are paying for so many health problems later for something we subsidised in the first place.  Anyway, go to your "happy place", and crunch on some home made kale chips.  You can grow kale outside in your own yard, basically year round.  You may need to cover them in the winter, but check out the Winterbor & Vates types-they are incredibly durable and will be saving you 2.50-3.00 a bunch for organic kale  at the store!

Pesto Kale Chips Ingredients from the "Everything Raw" Book.  I don't even remember how I ended up buying this book but it probably had something to do with a coupon from Borders OR waiting for friends to show up and browsing, well, browsing with a credit card.

Thankfully my Kale Crop did a little better this year!!! I must have planted 8 different kinds!  

Even got to use my garden basil.

Gotta love super easy recipes.  Anytime a raw recipe just uses a Cuisinart, you know you've got a good thing going on.  As long as it isn't only step one of 25 steps :)

You just "massage" the kale with the pesto mix and spread on your dehydrator trays.  I use an Excalibur.  You could use a low temp in the oven as well.  It wouldn't be "raw" but it still would be a very healthy snack.  Don't miss out on making kale chips just because you don't have a dehydrator!

I feel like the hardest thing about making kale chips is just putting them on the trays so they aren't all clumped together.  It's okay for them to overlap a little, as they are so thin that they will still get crispy.   I think it's easier to make a crispy kale chip if you remove the stem.  So basically tear the leaves off of the thick stem.  You can leave the stem on as well, but it will either take a lot longer to get crisp, and it seems like it may reabsorb moisture after the chips are actually dry.  Making them not super crisp.  You may have had different brands of kale chips in the store and realized some were a little less dry.  It seems like the drier they are, the longer they keep that crispiness.

The time they take to dry can vary depending on how many trays you use and if you overlap them a lot.  But generally kale chips are a pretty quick fix.  But with nuts & marinades, they do take longer.  If you just put some kale with a small amount of tamari  on it in the dehydrator, it may only take a few hours to crisp.  But if you really lay it on thick with all this pesto goodness, ya might want to leave them at least 12 hours.

Not only will you not be eating poop if you ditch the dairy (or more accurately drinking poop), but if you up your green intake, you might actually get a rosy glow.  Yes, you may become sexier if you ingest kale.  So go order those eco-fishnets that you have been eyeing and those 5 inch stiletto hemp shoes (anyone know of these?) and get your Kale on!
And think Chicken is the "safer", less poop filled meat?? 

The video above was taken during Gateway Pet Guardian's East St. Louis Feeding Routes.  We had a couple of cars that day, as a group of us had gone looking for Dodie's puppies.  Through abandoned homes & Wooded areas.  Then the girls really wanted Jamie (who was at home) to foster this dog, Jonesy.  Jamie already had a house full of fosters and so couldn't take his guy.  So Jonesy is still looking for a foster.  The beginning of the video also shows a dog with it's collar way too tight, however it wasn't embedded yet.  Just last week his collar got to be so tight he couldn't even eat and his neck was oozing everywhere.  Pj & the Crew were able to rescue him and rush him to the doctor (Thank you Dr. Ed & Hillside, we could not do this without you!).  He had surgery that day and is recovering beautifully.  He  is now "Nevada" and up for adoption!

I just can't believe Yella doesn't have a foster yet!  This  video was shot just a day after his rescue.   He has suffered a life of living on the streets and that inlcuded  at least one gunshot wound.  Someone "claimed" him, although this person would not even allow Pj to get him medical attention after he had been shot.   A neighbor told Pj that the man burned down his own house and was no longer in that particular area.  Yella was still there, and Pj was able to get him  one day when some kids were kind of bullying  him.  Yella only let Pj pet him once or twice on the streets but  just moments after his rescue he knew he was in safe hands and became a total lover.  

This video also shows part of the route one day.  It's cool because Yella is in it, while he is on the streets!!  Also, Puppy Leela, who Pj never thought we could rescue because she was a little old for a puppy and very feral.  Leela lucked out by falling into a sewer and was there for over 60 hours!  Pj kept trying to help her but Leela kept moving in different areas of the sewer where she couldn't even be seen.  One day Pj recruited PuppyPaul to help and they devised Pulleys and God knows what else and 4 hours later Puppy Leela was saved!!  Click on Gateway Pet Guardians if you want to know more-and St. Louis peeps or anyone who will be in the area-we are also open to new people riding along.


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What is everyone else eating for snacks these days?  Hopefully not poop!!  :)


  1. The kale chips sound great!

    I've been having veggies with hummus, fruit and smoothies for snacks lately. Healthy & low fat!

  2. Uch! I can't even watch those clips. I heard about the milk/pus thing a while back and was totally disgusted.
    I certainly hope I am not snacking on poop lately either...The kale chips look great.

  3. That title really caught my eye ;)

  4. You have got me HOOKED on Gateway Pet Guardians. And Yella is just a DARLING! I've been fighting the urge to put in an adoption application for him. His entire body shows how happy he is to be off of the streets. Goodness! And now, you're posting their videos (which I've seen on their blog and FB page). These folks (and you) are angels in these dogs lives.