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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Great Green Vegan Approved Gifts: Glass Straws, Tiffins, Stainless Steel Bento Boxes, To-Go Bamboo Cutlery, Chico Bags, Easy Sprouter, Spice Tiffins. Puppy rescues!

This Vegan Spring Chicken is 108 and eats lots of veggies!

There has been SO much going on with our rescue.  We focus on dogs in East St. Louis.  This was the our recent one.  Well, Pj picked up Womba yesterday, but we were not with her to record.  So we were in East St. Louis, one cold morning, trying to rescue Mr. Tux and another kitty for Ms. Julia.  Ms. Julia had a terrible week with the loss of one of her furkids and immediately wanted to open her home to save a few more of these street kids.  We are so lucky to have such incredible compassionate people with open homes.  Well, a neighborhood dog kept trying to jinx the kitty rescue, and brought to stray little puppies with him.

This is a part 1 of the rescue.   Boogie was found at a recording studio in East St. Louis.  He was hanging around another dog that was chained up near the building.  We were able to check with someone outside the studio, and they confirmed with the owner that the little puppy was not his.  So Pj put on her rescue gloves and Pj & Jamie used pieces of scrap wood outside of the building to get the little guy.  The actual rescue is in the second video below.  Gateway Pet Guardians.

 And Part II  Mr. Boogie gets caught and gets taken to Hillside Animal Hospital to meet Dr. Ed and get checked out.

Okay, easy green gift and grocery oriented. Like Me  :)

           Glass Dharma Straws
Glass Straws have transformed my Green Smoothie Experience.  While I used to face my greens in the Vita-Mix with more trepidation.....Glass Straws and a Case of Bananas changed everything.  They look cool, feel cool, and will probably change your drinking experience.  They have straw cozies, cleaners, well! BPA FREE!

Chico Bags
My favorite reusable bags.  These are for produce and they sure beat always having to rip off a new plastic bag in the produce section.

Chico Bags
Chico makes all sorts of bags......and they all fold up into themselves meaning you can put them in your pockets or your bag in the event that you need an extra bag at the store, for books, etc...Most of them hold 20 pounds or slightly more!

Chico Bags
Super Small when folded up in themselves.

To Go Ware
Bamboo Silverware to keep on ya, so you don't have to take disposable ones if you eat out.  Also super easy if you take your own lunch.  Or for the OCD person who doesn't want

To Go Ware
Great Stainless Steel Tiffins that are BPA free!

To Go Ware
Bamboo Cutlery enclosed in a napkin carrying case!

Water/Tea/Coffee Bottle
OMG.  These are my FAVORITE water bottles EVER!!!!  They have 2 different screens you can put inside.  One with bigger holes to prevent ice from blocking the "flow".  And the other is a screen for TEA!! So I put LOOSE tea in this guy, pour over hot water, and I have tea to go!!  LOVE IT! It keeps liquids hot or cold for a LONG time.  That means if you get a coffee to go, at a coffee place, you will need to add some water or soymilk because it would be too hot to drink........Very Thermal.  Also will fit nearly an entire bottle of wine.  Not that we have EVER tried that.  But you know, um, just to experiment.  This is the most useful bottle we have ever had! I even use them at home to brew my hot teas and keep them hot!  And of course, BPA FREE.

Spice Box: Stainless steel masala dabba holds Indian spice, seasoning
The Spice Tiffin.  Stainless Steel.  Standard Measuring Spoons.This has been my kitchen lifesaver......I have this addiction to my Indian Slow Cooker Book (but you could use the spice box for ANY type of cooking!) and this enables me to dish out all the spices I need for Dal Makhani, Methi Carrots, Rajmahs, Chana Masalas and more, in about 10 seconds.  Holds 7 spices and comes with 2 standard measuring spoons plus little "levelling ledges" on the containers so you don't even have to pull out a knife to level your spices!  (My mom's Home Ec. teacher, Mrs. Fenn, from Downers Grove, would have LOVED this!).  My mom levels her spices to this day!

Tableware (from Life without Plastic)
Lots of tableware ideas for kids to adults.

Lunch Bowls (Stainless Steel) from Happy Tiffin.  SPILL PROOF!!
Great for soups or salads and come in LOTS of sizes.  It claims that it is spill proof, so thinking that sounds awesome.

Happy Tiffin, "Tweet Treat" Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box
All sorts of lunch boxes, bento boxes, salad containers at "Happy Tiffin" (Stainless Steel)
Lots of lunch box styles.
Square Airtight Glass Container with Stainless Steel Lid - Large
Glass Food Containers with Stainless Steel Lids from Life Without Plastic
Great for storage.  Forget those plastic containers for anything.  I currently use Mason Jars of all sizes for storage, but will be getting some of this type of thing because so much easier to use!

Stainless steel telescopic/folding mug
Folding Travel Mug (Stainless)
I need one of these!!  How many times have I wanted a cup of coffee somewhere and don't get it because I don't have my thermos with me and don't want to use a disposable BPA cup.

Why should you be buying all this stuff?
My favorite sprouter!!!  This looks like just a plastic container, but is has several types of lids and you can sprout without turning anything upside down!!  You soak the seeds in here, in the plastic strainer within the container.  Rinse them super easily by just lifting the inner container out, and put them back in to drain and grow.  Even good for travel as it has 3 different types of lids.  One for "growing" that vents very well for optimal conditions, the other is a flat (can be used for travel) lid that snaps on and vents, and then a solid lid that snaps on and has no wholes for finished sprouts, or travelling without any leakage!  If you let your sprouts get moldy, forget to rinse enough, etc...this is the sprouter for you! Okay, I know it's plastic!  But you only put cold water in it and it makes sprouting TOO easy not to use.......for you lazy kids out there (like me) who have wakened one morning, and said an "oh f**k, I forgot to rinse my sprouts last night".  

Okay Dr. Oz.  Is wildly promoting Salmon a super responsible thing to do?  WOW!  Seems that even organic salmon is super contaminated with PDBE's and other nasties, even in ANTARCTICA!  Listen to this short clip to hear what they found in people's liposuction samples!  Icky stuff to get sucked out of your butt!!  A "Fat Ass" is "truly toxic" in this case!!  Luckily there are LOTS of plant based DHA supplements on the market so there is no need to eat poison for some long chains!

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After Patella and Tibia's rescue, we hopped over to K9 Carnival where we had 4 dogs resting up, adjusting, being calm during heartworm treatments, etc....Malcolm and Baxter were the most recently rescued dogs.  Pj has been feeding Malcolm for about 5 years on the streets of East St. Louis.  He used to "hang" across from the AT&T building over there and he had a lot of people feeding him.  Then some construction started happening, and a few dogs went into heat, and he moved.  He started showing up in all different areas and his beautiful coat began to look shabby.  Pj was able to rescue him one day and my jaw dropped when she called me.  Seeing Malcolm inside of a building, and getting petted, nearly made me break down crying on the spot.  I wasn't able to have the camera out for long because there were a lot of dogs on the other side of Malcolm and Ivory's area, and they don't all like "cameras".  But did get a little video of Malcolm getting some butt rubs.


  1. 108 years old!! That's so awesome!

    That's so wonderful that you're able to rescue so many animals off of the street like that.

    Great gift ideas. I'm going to check out Life Without Plastic. Love it!

  2. I caught up on watching videos from Gateway Pet Guardians yesterday. I also ordered a 2012 calendar and made a general donation. I don't remember seeing on the blog that Womba was rescued. Mischa has such an adorable face, but she's still on the streets, right? I thought I read that in the series of David's pictures of her on FB.

    I watched the video of Yella going for his first heartworm treatment. Oh my goodness, he just melts my heart. You are all angels watching after and taking care of these adorable dogs and cats. Thank you!

  3. Hey Lori!! Pj just got Womba on Saturday and called us afterwards! Some days she sees an opportunity and she just goes for it. David is going to post photos later, but he did get some of Womba in Pj's carport. THANK YOU for the donation and all of the support! Yes, Yella is the sweetest dog......I think Mischa is next up on the list. And unfortunately, Nigella probably already had her puppies somewhere, so we are going to have to wait a few weeks for Nigel and Nigella. We have to wait until Nigella's puppies get old enough to at least get bottle fed for a few days. We have to find where she is hiding her kids......really wanting to get them off the streets though. If you are ever in the area, you are free to ride along!! Thank you again for following!!

  4. Excellent gift ideas! I'm already a big fan of glass straws, but now I want that metal tiffin box. It's fantastic!