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Monday, March 19, 2012

Save New York's Whole Earth Bakery! Juices, Smoothies, Vegan Eats, Raw Foods, Gluten Free Options in the East Village. Pig & Dog.

Whole Earth Bakery
130 Saint Marks Pl # 2  New York, NY 10009
(212) 677-7597
Whole Earth Facebook
So we were wandering about the Village one evening, and finally I was able to "find" and check out the "Whole Earth Bakery". We had tried to make it there once before, but they were closed for remodelling.  An all vegan bakery on St. Marks, in the heart of the  East Village, open 7 days a week.  Peter Silvestri is the owner & has been serving up vegan goods since 1978.  Think they have been at their current location since about '91 and apparently they are having major problems with their landlord.  It is New York.  I picked up on a few pieces of conversation & got the feeling that this place is in pretty extreme danger of getting kicked out of their current location.  They have had a lot of public support before, at the last minute, to try to save this gem in the village. But they need it again.  They need money.  They need you to go buy their food.  And we need them.  This place offers community.  To all.  This place was here when the whole "eat closer to earth" movement began.  The owner & the people in the bakery are the salt of the earth.  Places like this gave birth to the "trend"  of juicing, eating whole foods, eating vegan.  And they are still on top of it!  Their juice list is great and they are even offering "living" crackers, puddings, smoothies, juices, etc....Gluten Free too.  

When you walk in the place, it is easy to see that this is the "bakery" that all the new, yuppier  health food versions modelled themselves after.  Except this bakery has been doing it for decades.  Whole grain flours, No refined sugars, loads of gluten free options and an incredible selection-including raw foods!  All without animal ingredients.  You can have your vegan pizza, cheesecakes, raw flax crackers, chia seed puddings, green juices (they even have collard!), smoothies, locally roasted coffee, wraps, and more-without any cholesterol.  And without the pretentious attitude or the overly hip ambiance, or prices.

The Cinnamon Raisin Buns looked absolutely amazing.  Appease the craving, with zero animal fat.  This cinnamon bun gives you energy.

Gluten Free Poppy Seed Lemon Muffins.  Locally Roasted Coffee.

Almond Biscotti, Cookies, Brown Rice Crispy Treats.

Ginger Snaps.  Major Omega Blasts with Hempseed, Flax, and Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Adorable interior.

Savory Lunch dishes.  There were lots more in the main display as well.

Amazing Smoothie & Juice Selection.  Just that morning I paid 10 bucks for a small juice at Pure Food & Wine (because I was right there).  This place has juices way cheaper.........

They even have fresh coconut!!  Goji, Spiralina, all types of vegan proteins.

Yep.  Several types of Vegan Pizza Slices...

Mouth Watering Soup Selections.

One pound of soup for 4.50?  Of real food?  That's a coffee just down the street.

Skillet Corn Bread.

The cheesecakes all looked very tempting.  Gluten Free, Sugar Free, and of course, Vegan.

Apple Blueberry Scones.

And Raw Flax Crackers.

Kalamata Olive Bread Sticks.

Berry Pie, Trifles, and Brown Rice pudding with cashew milk.

Wraps.  Yum.  Portabella, Roasted Peppers, Onion, SunDried Tomato.

Lots of color!  Love the "Gluten Free" on the door.  Not everything is gluten free, but it is certainly a place with a lot of GF options.  

You can get whole pies or order cakes, food for events.

Loved this place.  Reminded me of when I was a little girl & our family belonged to a co-op.  My folks were into eating recipes from  "Diet for a Small Planet" and they also had to be pretty frugal.  We would go about once a week and help out with orders, sorting food, and cleaning at the store.  This was the most spectacular time to me, because it was in the city, and we got to hang out with all types of people, all incomes, all colors, all religions, and all ages.  And all these people just wanted to eat healthier and establish a sense of community.  It bummed me out so much when my folks decided they didn't really have to time to do the co-op anymore.  They were working full time and it just kind of fell out our lives.  We lived in a really small midwestern town (the co-op was in the city, maybe 10 miles away), and we didn't get that weekly mix of people anymore.  We walked into Whole Earth, you could tell that people hung out here.  No matter how hip & uber cool it is to eat flax crackers, drink green juices, or eat vegan now, no "new" eatery can really recreate the atmosphere & community that places like Whole Earth Bakery have cultivated for nearly 35 years.  If you are in the area-please give them your business!  You can also donate money to them & maybe if we bug them enough, they might deliver outside of New York (mail order)?

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Eat Vegan.  
Cute Pig & Dog.


  1. Ah, I love when I'm directed to places to eat in my own city so close to me that I otherwise would just never stumble upon since it's off my usual path. Everything sounds fantastic!

  2. Oh, I hope this bakery makes it. You couldn't have done a better job in getting the word out.