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Monday, September 5, 2011

Genie Pants, Cooking with a Vegan Drag Queen, 21 day Vegan KickStart, Raunchy Hats, Reasons to be Vegan & Free Yoga this month at PuraVegan.

*Free Yoga At PuraVegan (St. Louis, MO.)*
That's right. FREE!  The folks at PuraVegan are really stoked about all of the excitement from their customers.  Seems a few of them have already lost 25 pounds by eating more raw foods!!  To celebrate, the PuraVegan folks are offering free yoga in their adjoining studio during the month of September!
Here's my "Puravegan" Opens Post.  And a "Sneak Peak at PuraVegan"

*"Beat the Meat" Hat.*
"Beat the Meat" Hat from VeganVixen Website.
Want to "spread" the Vegan Message but with just a teeny bit of sass? Of course. Vegan Vixen has got ya covered!!

*Sweetskins "It doesn't matter if your butt looks big" pants.*
Silk Cami
2 Way Genie Pants from Sweetskins
I love everything from Sweetskins but these pants are calling me.  Super comfy. So the fuck what if you ate too many gluten free pancakes this morning?  These pants aren't going to tattle!

*"Thrive Diet" Recipe Book by Brendan Brazier*
Thrive Foods: 200 Plant-Based Recipes for Peak Health
Thrive Foods: 200 Plant-Based Recipes for Peak Health
Just received my copy of Brendan Brazier's "Thrive Foods" book.  Brendan is a triathlete and authored a couple of other great books about diet & sports.  This new book is great because he talks a lot about the environmental impact of different foods and the true costs of food production.  Wonderful mix of simple cooked foods, with no junk in them, and raw.  Many recipes from some of our fave vegan restaurants such as Candle 79 & Cru.  Includes recipes for sports drinks/energy bars/gels, etc...

*Cook with Honey LeBronx, the Vegan Drag Queen*

We have gone mainstream.  We have Raw Bitches, Black Metal Chef, Gluten Free Raw, Vegan Punk, and Vegan Drag Queen Cooking shows.  We have made it!

*Reasons to be Vegan*
This was on Ms. Nellie Mckay's Facebook page.  Check out all the ailments associated with meat & dairy!  Nice collage of photos & reasons to be vegan.

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  1. Ha! I love those pants...what an awesome idea! ;)

  2. Those pants are super cute! I couldn't really get away with wearing them but I love the look. Also, I met Honey LaBronx at the NYC Veggie Pride parade - she is hot, and so funny. I'm glad she's getting the show off the ground. Also, inspiring - I'm totally going to make seitan today!
    AND I saw the Brendan Brazier book at work the other day; I'm stoked to see recipes for some energy bars in there.
    Long comment!

  3. The pants commentary cracked me up! When I lived in St. Louis, MANY years ago (don't ask how many!), LONG before I was a vegan, I ate Ted Drewes. I wish there was a vegan equivalent for that! I'd get me some genie pants to wear while I ate it. ha!

  4. When I was in high school, a friend of mine had pants like that. They were really cool! Love that hat, too. lol

  5. Yes, I ADORE the pants. But I already have "desexed" myself enough and think that would just be surrendering for me at this point!!! I used to love Babydoll dresses before I met my hubby & he would ask why girls wanted to wear maternity clothes when they weren't prego!! :) But I would live in those things. I hate waistlines, probably something to do with always overeating & being a chic with hormones-
    @Lori!!! Yes Ted Drewes!! How funny. I adore the Vegan Coconut Bliss myself, but I haven't ever had Ted Drewes so can't compare it!!
    @foodfeud, you guys have ALL the cool stuff. The LES and Brooklyn seem like THE vegan places to be!!

  6. I loved that Honey LeBronx vid! She's amazing!


  7. Vegan drag queen?! That one's new to me! Haha, awesome.