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Friday, September 2, 2011

CNN's Sexy Sanjay Gupta asks what's more radical? Eating Plants or Eating the way we do now? Gupta votes for Greens!

Get Skinny thinks that Sanjay Gupta is the Sexiest TV Doctor on the planet right now! My head spun around in sheer joy when I watched the second video where Sexy Sanjay responds to the remarks by his fellow reporter, that not everyone wants to go on a "radical" vegan diet.  Hmmm...He asks what will we consider the more radical diet years from now-will it be eating an unprocessed plant based diet or will it be the diet we are eating today.  Smooches for Sanjay when he stated it would clearly be the diet that most people are eating today.  Beans over Greens.  Bypass surgery is radical.  Beans are food!  Don't forget to tell your friends, family, and anyone who will listen about "The Last Heart Attack" show that will be on CNN tomorrow, Saturday Night.  To see the entire show right now, click on another of Get Skinny, Go Vegan's Sanjay Gupta is Saving the World Posts!!  :)  To me, this is the tipping point.  When something is on CNN, people actually believe it could be true.  Although there have been many books on these very facts, in circulation for years, many people are apt to ignore the evidence until high profile doctors actually give it a "seal of approval".  I bow one thousand bows to Sanjay Gupta today.  

On a side note.  Al Gore actually came out with some bold and ballsy (I am being so sarcastic :) statements that eating less meat would help reduce global warming.  That's great, after all of the press, after the UN stated this years ago (that meat & dairy were the #1 cause of carbon emissions), and after Bill Clinton & Sanjay Gupta were on CNN, finally he made a statement.  But coming from the man who has made "Climate Change" his life's work, I don't find it particularly brave.  It only took Bill Clinton one year on a plant based diet and he is already talking about it.  He doesn't "hide" what he eats in interviews in fear that the "Big Mean Industries" will come after him.  And his wife is still in government!  To me Al Gore has been disappointing, only because I had originally expected more from him.  I never expected that Bill Clinton, cheeseburger Bill, would actually be part of "The Tipping Point" for Planetary Health.  By eating an unprocessed plant based diet, we reduce global warming, we reduce death by cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, we reduce our health care costs, we reduce insurance costs because health care will cost less, we reduce our obesity rate, we increase the amount of people in the world that we can feed, we increase the amount of growing space for plants can be alternative fuel sources, we reduce our water consumption, and the list continues!  One millions points for Beans Today.  Zero Points for Bypass.  Beans Win!

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  1. Al Gore definitely is a big disappointment. He could have done so much more to help the planet.

  2. You're so right about Al Gore. I used to be so disappointed in him when he spouted off about the environment without ever mentioning diet. I feel the same about other popular environmentalists, too. Sheesh. I wonder if Al has cut down on his meat eating or is just mentioning it for effect.

  3. all of those celebs have an agenda. you don't get on tv nowadays without explicit approval of the powers that be. especially on channels like CNN. that being said, Sanjay has quite a positive and healthy message. I don't know how the powers that be think his message is in their best interest. i'm going to be thinking about this all day...