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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pray for the Pigs. Farm Animal Sanctuary Pleas for Help: Donations Doubled through the end of September 30, 2011. Watch Piggies Play! George Harrison "Piggies".

Farm Sanctuary needs our help!  I got a call last Friday Night, and it was from the Folks at the sanctuary.  They are desperate to get their enclosure built before the cold.  The enclosure would be a place on site where they could perform medical procedures, have vet check ups, etc...Right now they have to transport animals individually for a lot of procedures-this requires more money, time & transportation.  If they are able to have a vet come on site, they will be able to treat many animals in one visit, all year long.  The urgency is because it is getting cold there already and because if you donate prior to the 30th of September, your gift will be matched.  The video above is short, non-graphic, and explains Farm Sanctuary's mission.  Mary Tyler Moore, Joan Jett, and Kim Basinger make appearances in vintage videos as well!  Please help these guys if you are able.  Even 10 bucks gets them 20 right now, and they are in dire need.  

The video above is a short clip of Piglets playing.  I wish that I could be part of an organization like this here, but unfortunately, nothing like this place exists in the St. Louis region.  Although dogs & cats are nearly worshipped here, pigs are more likely to end up as bacon and heart disease, then an actual sentient being.  I truly believe that if the people who are already so connected and so passionate about their dogs had a chance to hang out at Farm Sanctuary, that they would walk away with some new perceptions.  Pigs are actually smarter than dogs!  To me there is so much bitter irony about the risks we will take as humans to save dogs and the utter lack of thought we give that in order to eat that burger, that a beautiful creature died.  And not in a "pretty" way.  There is a reason that people are trying to create laws to prevent you from even photographing the OUTSIDE of factory farms-even from a public street.  My hope is that the love for our dogs & cats will at some point in time extend to other sentient beings.  That we won't continue to practice specieism.  Americans are so quick to judge other cultures that use dogs and cats in their fur trade, or that use in them in their culinary arts-however a lot of plant based peeps have that same horror and bewilderment about eating pigs, cows, milk & cheese.

Short video talking about their dire need for an enclosure prior to the frigid winter.

Emily Deschanel on the annual "Walk for Farm Animals".  Click for your local chapter!
If you are in the St. Louis Area, the walk is October 22, 2011 in Tower Grove Park.  And there are usually vegan goodies there afterwards as well! St. Louis Walk for Farm Animals 2011 Facebook.  If you want to "sleep in" and donate?  Click "Sleep In" to do the Sleep In campaign!

But let's show the the "hip" states that St. Louis has it going on-and that just because we live in "Cardiac Arrest Cattle Country" that we still have lots of amazing, beautiful peeps that choose to pet and not eat cows, and pigs, and birds and donate to St. Louis Farm Animal Sanctuary Walk!  Donate below!

All this talk of Piggies, made me remember one of my favorite songs from growing up-"Piggies".
And this is weirdly perfect as someone animated it and there are spanish subtitles!  Written by my favorite beatle, George Harrison, as a social commentary on corporate greed.  Hmmmmm.....things don't change a whole lot.  

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  1. You're doing a good thing on behalf of Farm Sanctuary. Quite a disturbing Piggie video. My kids walked in on it - erp! But, fortunately, they are aware of animal suffering.

  2. The animation?? Oh no!!! I just adore that Beatles tune and thought it was a pretty good fit!! LOVE that you are teaching your kids compassion! Do you have a circle of vegan mother friends or at least an Internet community of vegan moms??

  3. That piglet video! Mike and I watched it together & were just laughing so much. They're adorable!

    We visited the NY Farm Sanctuary several years ago. Mike actually proposed the morning after we visited there, while we watched the sunrise over the lake in Watkins Glen. :)

  4. @Molly. Don't ya just LOVE the piggies!!!! OMG. What a PERFECT proposal!!!!!!!! He scored BIG time there! Wow, I can't even imagine a more perfect scenario than to be start the celebration of your union to come and include ALL of the animals!!! How Romantic!

  5. Anywhere Joan Jett is, I'M THERE. Just donated to FS. Love the pig video, too :)

  6. I love Farm Sanctuary -- good for you for getting the word out!