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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Michael Greger's Blog Post: Physician Assisted Suicide?: On Doctors & Nutrition Advice. Doctors get an "F" on Basic Nutrition Knowledge. Sanjay Gupta Gives Another shout out to PlantPlower!

Sajay Gupta talking about PlantPower again!  When asked why doctors don't "prescribe" this program for patients, Sanjay replies with honesty, that doctors really don't receive nutrition training at all! So.....Michael Greger's video below will not be surprising.  Over 70% of doctors thought that Avocados had cholesterol.  Not exactly true.  Overall, only animal foods contain cholesterol.  Yep, animal foods.  Plants are safe!  It doesn't mean it's healthy to chug olive oil (or even eat refined oils at all maybe) but it does mean raw nuts, avocados, seeds, not have cholesterol.
So John McDougall did get in touch with Dr. Greger and clarify that Avocados had "trace" amounts of cholesterol.  "Trace" basically meaning it wouldn't even be on the label.  "Trace" meaning one avocado may contain up to .6 mg of cholesterol.  "Trace" meaning we don't consider them to have cholesterol.  Eggs, on the other hand, about 213 mg. of cholesterol in ONE egg!  Wow, you can eat a LOT of guacamole and still not be consuming cholesterol!  Check out Dr. Greger's
  Nutrition Facts "Physician Assisted Suicide Post: When Doctors Give Nutrition Advice".

You would have to eat 371 avocados to equal the cholesterol in one egg.

What's more, is that Avocados are Awesome!!  They actually lower cholesterol levels,  helps prevent cancer,  help boost the immune system, and may help arthritis!  Check out Lemon Avocado Pudding and Raw Vegan Choco-Mole Avocado pudding!!

Lemon Avocado Pudding. (Raw & Vegan)

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  1. very awesome comment about refined oils. they do not belong in the diet. and then you throw up drool-worthy pictures afterwards. kudos! :)

  2. I saw that post on his blog, which was awesome. That's a lot of avocados to equal the cholesterol in one egg!! I adore avocados & pudding made with it is so yummy.