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Friday, September 23, 2011

Weiner Warts. STD's from Meat? HPV in the Kitchen. "No Honey, it wasn't another man. Just a slab of bacon". "Cock Cancer". It's not Just For the Chickens.


Seriously, I didn't even know what HPV was until I saw all the constant ads for the vaccine and then the Perry (not with an "A") and Bachman (no relation to Bach) about the Pro's and Con's of Mass Vaccination.  Oh Lord, all the girls will have premarital sex if they get the vaccine.  Oh no, all the girls will die of cervical cancer if they don't get the vaccine.  Oh no, the vaccine will kill all the girls.  
Dr. Greger suggested on his Facebook page that maybe Michele Bachman might want to change her approach if she were really concerned about preventing HPV.  Turns out that it may not only be spread by, gasp, sex.  Or intimacy.  Or Towels.  But Pigs.

 Wart Free Food!  Vegan Burgers & Home Fries at Vega-Deli.  Vega-Deli is a great little Vegan Eatery in Chesterfield.  We don't make it there much because it's a bit of a trek.  But good eats and they will be at "Taste of St. Louis" (September 23-25th) this weekend!  Usually Vegans wouldn't even bother with walking around the Rib, Toasted Ravioli, Barbecue-well I just call it "Clog me up" Central-but Vega-Deli will be there this year & may even have some "living" foods!  

Apparently Poultry Workers get what are called "Butcher's Warts" and now there is a landmark study that has studied the rates of multiple types of cancers in poultry workers-so people who are handling raw meat.  Turns out they have much higher rates of many cancers including mouth, tongue, esophageal, nasal cavities, and rectal anal-just to name a few.  Seems that "cooking" the poultry will get rid of these potentially deadly Wart Viruses, but the problem is that raw meat can touch anything in your kitchen.  So if you have any raw poultry in your kitchen at anytime, it may be that you have a potential HPV virus in your home.  And not on your junk.  But on your kitchen counter.  Waiting to get to your junk, and a whole lot more......Well, that's what I understood from this video.

Raw Vegan Lasagna at Vega-Deli.
No HPV in ingredient list.

The video talks about a guy who ate a LOT of pork-and got a huge tumor on his penis.  He quit the pork. The tumor went away.  I am sure more research will be done in this area, well, maybe if the the Poultry Industry doesn't put the kibosh on it.  But the study even suggests that the very low rates of cervical cancer in Israel may because they eat so little pork.  I knew bacon could do a lot of bad stuff to your body, but it totally creeps me out that you can get warts on your junk, any kind would be bad enough, but the cancerous type, that you could get an STD from Poultry?  Yikes.  I'll take the Tempeh Bacon anyday.  And if you are still anti-tempeh, even after you  read the Tempeh, Tofu, Teats, & Tamoxifen. Soy and Cancer post,  then make some raw vegan eggplant bacon.

Anupy Singla's Magical Masala Tofu.  

I know most of you peeps don't live around, near, or have even flown through St. Louis....But calling all St. Louis Peeps.  Tenth Life is a Wonderful Cat Rescue and they have having a 5K October 15, in Tower Grove Park.  Not a "Cancer Run" to make money for "Cancer Research" for "Drug Companies".  But a "Hissin' Hustle" to make money for cute, adorable little cats that are in dire need.  They take on some serious stuff and we should help them out!  I haven't run since the night before our friend's service, but will break the Vibrams out for this, and hopefully not break a toe in the process.  I saw another 1/2 marathon but that was in 2 weeks or something and then thought I was just delusional after not running for months.  I just assume with some green smoothies, chia, hemp, and maca magic that my body will run if I want it to.  Either I am just blissfully ignorant, or actually optimistic-which isn't a general personality trait of mine.  Jaded Optimism.  Sign up and wear your most flamboyant Vegan Gear!

Tenth Life Hissin' Hustle 5k and CatWalk, presented by Carol House Furniture

Tower Grove Park

Saturday, October 15, 2011 @ 9:00 AM

And I had to include some videos from some early morning rambles...........GPG was able to pull Nina, who was living on the streets her whole life.  She has TVT and is being treated for that currently.  She is probably heartworm positive as well, as most of the kids we pull are-and now they have no heartworm meds. in the whole country to treat them!  Something happened with the supply, and now they have to try to treat the heartworm differently, until the supply is available again.  This rescue was done in East St. Louis.  Her kids, Nigel & Nigella are still on the street.  This was a "lucky" rescue, as the dogs don't always go in the trap within minutes!

This video is just "part of the route".  Pj makes sure that these kids get fed.  These were just a handful of the dogs on her route.  Also, Leela (Dinah's puppy) is shown here.  It's kind of gratifying because in the video she is running on the streets of East St. Louis, and Pj has zero hopes of getting her at this point.  But as you see, in the final video, Leela did end up getting rescued and is now up for adoption!!  Pj and PuppyPaul spent about 4 hours, after devising a way to get her, waiting in the sewer with tarps & pulleys.  I got an elated call that day-exclaiming that "Leela" was ready for her "Adoption Video Debut".  All of these videos & dogs are from East St. Louis.

And here's Leela. The first day of her "new life".  It's all the things I do in my life that actually eat money up or make none that I enjoy the most.  It is so evident what is truly valuable when you surround yourself with other people who aren't really chasing the dollar.  Dog Rescue work is also interesting, because it is a really diverse group of people.  I wouldn't say that the majority of peeps are into animal rights at all, and I'm not sure, but there are probably a fair amount of more conservative peeps as well.  Which is diversity in my it's funny-sometimes I feel like a minority!

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  1. Ew. Another reason I'm super-glad I don't eat pork (and that I don't have a penis.)

  2. First off, I'm amazed at the stories of the butchers and the pork eater - horrible! I wonder if someone has hpv through sex, if eating a vegan diet can make it retreat, too. Just a thought. If it responds that well, you never know. Also, I watched all the dog videos and I've watched older ones when you've posted them, and I'm entranced by them. I'm so glad that puppy got saved, and the older dog in the trap, too. It just makes me worry about the other dogs that haven't gotten rescued yet. But, she is out there every day, what a good heart she has!

  3. In response to Blessed Mama, it's sort of odd to admit this, but I had an HPV scare about a year and a half ago, this being about 4 years into my being vegan. I don't know how serious it was, but some cells were "abnormal." I started taking multivitamins (a good idea in general but specifically for people on birth control, as that can deplete your folic acid which may apparently give weird reads on yr PAP), upping the greens, and cutting back on both sugar and alcohol. I recently went back to the gyno and got retested (for the second or third time since the original scare) and am totally clear. :) But the doctor did say that veg*n diets, vitamins, and exercise are all great for the immune system, which we veg*ns all know already - and it better helps us clear up any threat. Happy news :)

  4. #1. Your writing style cracks me the F up. You need to come down here and visit my pal who runs a tiger rescue and spews anti-vegan & anti-vegetarian hate all over the place. I think you'd be better at explaing some things ;-) haha

    #2. Gross. Gross gross gross. Can I just say that my heart hugely goes out to all of these poor people who work in slaughterhouses -- the ground-level employees for whom it's not a choice, I mean? Good Lord.

  5. Some scary stuff here, glad that your recipes are good :-)


  6. @Bianca. I know...I quit all the gunk for the animals but now I would do it based on health alone!!
    @BlessedMama. I was surprised by the HPV thing too! Thanks for watching the videos!!
    @FoodFeud. Hmm.... wonder if you really had it or if it was just a false positive??? I keep wondering also if it's one of those things that can "come & go" based upon your immunity?? It's like I don't really trust a "negative" or worry that it will "change" if immunity goes down or something! Great that whatever it was subsided with vitamins, etc...VERY encouraging. SO many peeps have it, it's almost commonplace now...
    @Shenandoah. Also LOVE tempeh....I quit the gluten so all the other "fun" stuff is out for me, but I can still do many types of tempeh!
    @Sable. I have to BELLY laugh sometimes because in reality, I am kind of a serious girl. So I have a real "need" to be super silly! My heart also goes out to all of the people working at these places-factory farming doesn't just hurt the animals! It hurts a lot of people & a lot of land, blah, blah, blah. Also, the workers who work in non-organic fruit & veggie's just terrible. Not only do they get paid so little, but the health risks on top of the low pay.
    @Alessandra. they aren't "my" recipes!!!! The Indian ones are from "The Indian Slow Cooker" which I ran into accidentally as it wasn't in the vegan section! It is almost entirely vegan though and it's so funny that it is the cookbook I use the most!! It was almost an accident that I found it as I was just getting ready to give an unopened slow cooker away, trying to "simplify" our lives!

  7. Wow, I love that I never have a single reason to doubt my veganism...Cringed through this, so gross!