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Monday, January 24, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse, Day 7 and 8. Alcohol or Arugula?

Dr. Oz's Dream.  Except noticeably absent of a plate of salmon.
Please Daphne, Please tell your dad to quit pushing the salmon!!  The salmon eat the algae for their DHA's.
What's wrong with the algae for ours?  However, he actually did mention "The China Study" on air last week and about how eating a plant based diet showed reduction of diseases.  He does have some cojones and I was tickled PINK that he made a little mention.  Now if people actually read that book maybe they would quit asking me if I get enough of everything and ask themselves if they would like some "mad prions" or "cancer casein" with that burger or glass of milk.  Really?  How come everyone asks the reasonably fit girl if she gets enough of everything and the people eating cheeseburgers (not Daiya based), who are 50 pounds overweight and on 4 meds, they are presumed healthy?????  You see......the wine is singing me love songs.
This purchase took incredible restraint.  This could have just as easily been a bottle of Frey, A Pint of Coconut Bliss Vegan Ice Cream, and a Raw Cacao Bar.  But it's not......
Yesterday was supposed to be a fast from tv & computer.....Did pretty well.  Did read some HuffPost in the morning (that's my morning smut).  Did eat some salad later and a couple of apples.  Still not mature enough to actually not eat solid food for one day.  I have a MAJOR apple addiction.  And Braeburns (Organic) were $1.49 the other day.

Green Olives stuffed with Almonds, Braeburn Apples, Argulua, Kalamata, Truffle Oil (left over from a raw Thanksgiving recipe), Apple Cider Vinegar, Ground Flax.

Wow.  If I ever wanted a bottle of Frey Natural Red and a pint of Pure Bliss Coconut Ice Cream (Vegan of course), it's now.  I don't even have bananas or dates to make some carob avocado pudding.  On my way home tonight I had to make a decision to either let the car drive itself to the nearest Whole Foods to buy some junk, junk, junk (Wine and Coconut Ice Cream, and maybe some impulse buying of some ridiculously priced raw cacao bar), or  rip the steering wheel from my little devil's hands and just to a tiny, local, but a little foo-foo supermarket.  Hmmm......Avocados and Olives I thought.  They had both, thankfully.  I perused their produce section, but not a whole lot going on organic, which is weird because they are this place with freshly cut dead animals in the deli, but their produce is totally mainstream.  Also decked out with at least 2 aisles of wine, chocolate, and other "goodies".  But organic produce?  Not much.But a great find was Earthbound Farm Baby Arugula!! I never see that and it was only about $4.00 a box so I thought that was a pretty well crafted splurge.  Arugula, Olives (Green Stuffed with Almonds), Kalamatas, and Kalamata Paste), and walnuts (the only brand was Planters-and they aren't super fresh at all).  So pretty darn good for a tiny supermarket and a girl dying for some chocolate avocado pudding.  

Glass Teapot with an ALL glass infuser...Actively infusing chamomile tea.

Little Chamomile blossoms getting ready to do their magic.

Kava & Valerian.  To Spike the Chamomile Tea.  Yeah, I really wanted the wine.
The wine???? I am working on that.  So I am steeping some Chamomile Tea and raided our cabinets and came up with Kava and Valerian.  Should do the trick.  Funny, I really rarely drink, but say I can't drink for 3 weeks and this girl feels like a recovering alcoholic.  Maybe some flax crackers will get made tomorrow with which to scoop up that olive paste. Arugula won tonight.

A Treasure found in my Freezer.  This is my snack.  While I am slightly lamenting that this is clearly not  "Coconut Bliss", I am going to pretend.


  1. I love following you on the cleanse! You are doing great! Your blog is wonderful!

  2. If you squint, it kinda looks like Coconut bliss to me... :D Had an awesome green olive and sundried tomato tapenade a la Yuri Elkaim.. Like crack, it should be handled with care, not with Tostito's Corn rounds..