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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bold Organics Vegan Gluten Free, Celiac Safe Pizza. Size doesn't matter. Density over Diameter. Blondie and Babe.

Comes Frozen and available throughout the country.  Check Bold Organics Website to type in your zip code.  It's a new product, so if your area is not yet served, keep checking!  Available at the Dierbergs in St. Louis, Missouri.  Thinking they will hit  more Whole Foods locations eventually.

I was pretty shocked to read on FaceBook (I mean, what else is FB for other than finding out about New Vegan Pizzas??), that  there was a demo for some new Pizzas going on at a Dierberg's one afternoon.  Bold Organics is not an all vegan company, by any stretch of the imagination.  However, they seem to be selling on the "allergy" front, because their products are certified gluten free and the entire facility is also gluten free. So Celiac Central for Pizza Lovers.  They carry 2 frozen vegan pizzas.  The Cheese and the Veggie Lovers Pizza. (The other pizzas are topped with dead pigs & cows).  Why don't you want dead pigs on your pizza?  Aside from just about every disease under the sun (and moon), climate change, and that it's just unnecessary....60 seconds of cuteness to encourage you to buy the Vegan Style "Bold" Pizza.  

Pigs and Dogs.  Love the music!!

If you are celiac, then this is a peace sign.  

Yes, if you don't eat any packaged food you will turn your nose up at the Plant Based natural flavor.  But really, this pizza looks pretty healthy for frozen pizza! And it has "vegan cheese".  Follow Your Heart brand!

Okay, the entire pizza has 780 calories.  Not too shabby.  Check out the stats though!! One pizza has 50% of your Vitamin A, 12% of your RDA Calcium, 90% of your RDA of Vitamin C and 20% of your iron.  0% of your cholesterol because only animal foods really contain "countable" cholesterol!

Naked Frozen Pizza.  Honestly I was a little bummed when I pulled it out of the box.  It was small.  Yeah, they say size doesn't matter, but be real.  These pizzas were on sale & still a little costly but we had to try them.  But the density was good......So thick makes up for lack of diameter.  The vegan varieties some in at 11 ounces and 12.5 ounces.  

Cooking is key.....You cook at the normal temp. and then if you just broil it for a few minutes (Do NOT leave the kitchen!) then it helps the cheese melt.

I tried it when it was piping hot and basically nearly died.  From heaven.  I hadn't had a pizza for so long because Amy's aren't always "truly gluten free" and even so...Amy's Pizzas have a thinner, less doughy crust.  Amy's crust gets a bit more crispy, which is great as well.  But this pizza had a real bready, doughy kind of crust.  Not "thick" crust, but somewhere between the thin/thick areas.  Bold Organics uses Follow Your Heart Cheese (not Daiya like a lot of the new frozen vegan pizzas).  Found the cheese to taste great.  It melted fine with a few minutes on the broil setting.  And what else??  It was just a little bit greasy!  For some odd reason, I was enamoured with this.  I don't even remember when I saw grease on the top of my pizza.  Yeah, you don't want to be shoving grease in your face every single day, but this was plant based grease on a pizza and it was delicious!!!!  So doughy and enough oil to make it seem like "regular" pizza.  I was sold.  My hubby wasn't as sold the first night, as he loves certain types of the Tofurky Pizzas and a couple of the Amy's (the really high fat ones) as well.  But the second night he declared his fondness for it. 

Bottom Line.  If you are Vegan or Gluten Free and you eat more than bananas & greens.  Then you will want to give this pizza a try.  You can decide if it is the style you like or not, but I don't think you will regret trying it.  Of course you could fatten it up a lot by adding more veggies, as the veggie lovers pizza was pretty much like every other "vegetable" pizza and had a couple pieces of green on it.  But that's an easy fix. Even though they can be a little pricey at the store, it is cheaper than going out and you can pick up a bottle of organic Frey wine and head home to your safe fort and cuddle with your furkids.

This is Fatoush on a diet.  Yes, a diet. We try to ration his food so he won't end up on the Feline edition of the Biggest Loser show, but this is the scene that we confront when we enter the kitchen.  He opens every single cabinet in the entire kitchen.  So I can't keep anything valuable on the lower shelves, just outdated teas.........

And here's my Blondie girl......She was rescued off the streets of East St. Louis, Illinois and living in a foster home until she can find her forever home.  She is my walking/jogging buddy.  Such a sweetheart.  If anyone in the area is interested (Missouri/Illinois), then contact 

The vegans are uniting.....Russell Simmons....James Cromwell.....for Dennis Kucinich.  Who wanted to create a "Department of Peace" and thinks that maybe the goal of working for clean drinking water worldwide might do more for peace than providing endless weapons to the "underdogs" (our current "friends"). There is little doubt that in just a few years we will be current enemies with our current allies, and the weapons we bought will be used against us.  Just like the toxic computer debris we send to throw away in other countries gets boiled down and comes back to us on unsafe toys for tots.  James has got some spark.  Must be those sprouts.

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