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Friday, March 16, 2012

Sacred Chow. New York Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten Free Goodness.

Sacred Chow.
100% Ethically Kosher * 100% Low Carbon Code * 100% Eco-Vegan * 100% ♥ Healing
227 Sullivan Street, NYC 10012 (b/w W3 & Bleecker)
212.337.0863 * ABCDEFM to W 4, 6 to Bleecker
Open 11 AM - 10 PM Sun-Th, 11 AM - 11 PM F & Sat 
NY Vegan Peaceful Eating.

We had been walking by this place for years and it looked really sweet and cozy.  However, our hours and Sacred Chow's hours rarely met.  But we had a free lunch hour so we decided to finally try this place out!  Appreciated how the menu was very clearly marked.....

Starters $5
Sunflower Lentil Paté, Hummus Of The Day (Ks, Sf, Ns, Gf) with veg served with crostini

Curried Steamed Broccoli (Gf, Ns, Sf) 

Sesame Steamed Collard Greens (Gf, Ns, Sf) 

Ea $7.50 / (3) $18
Griddled Shiitake Mushrooms (Gf) with toasted sunflower seeds and south indian dressing

Root Vegetable Latkes (Ks) with indonesian date butter

Dijon Marinated Kale (Gf, Ns, Sf, Ks) 

Peanut Soba Noodles Cold (Ks) with sweet & spicy peanut sauce

Grilled Western Tofu (Gf, Ks) 

Orange Blackstrap Bbq Seitan (Ks) 

Indonesian Roasted Tempeh (Gf) 

Korean Tofu Cutlets (Gf, Ks) 

Shredded Tofu Spa Salad (Gf, Ks) 

Black Olive Seitan (Ks) 

Mama's Soy Meatballs (Gf) with sicilian sauce

Veg, Grain, Protein, Beans & Rice Of The Day: Please See Specials Sheet Extra Sides: Bread, Crostini, Rice: $3

We went kind of between lunch and dinner and it was super nice & quiet at that time.  Just one other couple was taking refuge from the city in the tranquil space.  Small space but utterly charming.

Sm $8 / Lg $12, (Ks, Sf)
4 Seasons shredded beets, carrots, julienned apples & crunchy yuba (soy milk skin) strips with dijon vinaigrette gf (for ns: omit yuba)

Shiitake Mushroom & Spinach Gf with toasted sunflower seeds and south indian dressing

Sacred Caesar* with garlic croutons

Kale Caesar with tofu "croutons"

Tapa Salad (Large Only) Greens & Tapa (Gf, Ns) with dressing

*For Gf Ask For Veggies.
Heroes $10
Our Proteins Are Served On Toasted Hero Bread Or Corn Tortilla (Gf) With Chow Slaw & Pickle. Vegan Cheese Add $2 (Daiya Mozzarella Or Chow Oat Chevre)
Grilled Western Tofu* (Ks) thick-sliced juicy western tofu, dill-soy mayo, greens.

Spa Salad* (Ks) shredded tofu & celery with dill- soy mayo and greens.

Mama’s Soy Meatballs* savory meatballs with spicy sicilian sauce

Olive Seitan (Ks) say-tahn. tender black olive seitan, dijon vinaigrette, mixed greens.

Bbq Seitan (Ks) chunky seitan & onions in thai bbq sauce.

Tempeh Reuben* tem-pay. ks roasted tempeh strips, sauerkraut, caramelized onions, sacred chow russian dressing.

Hummus Salad Hero* (Ks, Ns) hummus, shredded beet & carrots, sacred chow dijon vinaigrette, mixed greens.

Soup Of The Day (Ks) gf unless indicated

Souper Hero soup, 1/2 hero, small salad (until 4pm)

(choose two) 12.00
Not Dog on a toasted whole wheat bun

With Browned Onions Add

With Sauerkraut Add

With Cheese

*For Delicious Gluten Free Option, Please Request Corn Tortilla. That's A Wrap!

Mon-Fri, Until 4Pm, Other Times $12
Build A Power Bowl Lunch $10
Protein meatballs, bbq seitan, with tofu, beans. choose 1 from each

Grain soba noodles or brown rice.

Veggie broccoli, collard greens, or both

Dressing peanut, russian, dijon, caesar, south indian

Bread / Crostini with tofu, olive seitan, or tempeh

With Salads

Substitute Kale Or Spinach For Lettuce 


Bbq Seitan (Ks) chunky seitan & onions in thai bbq sauce.
Hubby ordered the seitan........with a delicious carrot slaw and fresh pickles.  He was really happy!  They didn't skimp on the fillings and the bread looked delicious.

Brownie (Gf, Ks) held together with chocolate and hope! contains cocoa, melted chocolate and ganache to give that extra edge of chocolate.

Brownie Sundae (Gf, Ks) our famous triple chocolate brownie topped with hot fudge sauce, vanilla ice cream & sprinkles

Chocolate Truffle Cake (Gf, Ks) dense, rich chocolate cake, filled with strawberry ganache & topped with chopped house made pralines

Crisp Of The Day (Ns, Ks) seasonal fruit with oat crumble. wf (oats)

Scoop Of Soy Ice Cream (Gf, Ks) 

Pound Cakes (Ks) orange chocolate chip or banana

Vanilla Cupcake (Ks) with sacred chow chocolate cream frosting & sprinkles.

Sinner Bar (Gf, Ks) candy bar made of toasted coconut caramel dipped in chocolate gf, ks

Jammies (Gf, Ks) oat & sunflower seed cookie w/dates & strawberry preserves sf, ns, wf (oats), ks

Macaroon (Gf, Sf, Ns, Ks) made from toasted coconut and sweetened with brown rice syrup


Something about travel always makes we want to tow the line with the food.  Just to avoid upset tummies and I knew I was going to be heading to the Jivamukti Studio later.  So ended up with a nicely sized Kale Salad.  And below, the "Grain of the Day" with a sundried tomato tapenade.  Gluten Free Polenta.  Loved the salad and the polenta & tapenade combination was really comfort food.  It was healthy (not greasy or heavy) and earthy with subtle flavors.  Really nice for a chilly day.  The funny thing about ordering the "Grain of the Day" is that the waitress (who was a doll and reminded me of one of my favorite Persian friends) wrote on the tab "GOD".  

Frozen Smoothies $8.25
Gf. For Ns, Coconut Milk
Very Berry bananas, berries, & soy milk or apple juice

Gym Body bananas, almonds, cinnamon, ax, & soy milk or apple juice

Iced Coffee Wake Up bananas, espresso crystals, & soy milk

Charlie Brown bananas, peanut butter chocolate, & soy milk

Fresh Juice $8






Add Ginger $0.50, Add Greens $0.75
Blue Sky Sodas
Pellegrino Water cola, root beer, cherry vanilla, ginger ale

Coffee, Tea* 

(16 oz) 4.00
Chai Latte, Latte, Cappuccino make any beverage

Iced Add

Caff Teas

Jasmine Green Tea 



English Breakfast 


Earl Grey 

Bancha toasted green

Twig Kukicha 

Herbal Teas



Brunch Weekend
Sat & Sun 11Am-4Pm
Peppersteak Hero grilled seitan strips, peppers, onions, & cheese, served on whole wheat baguette, with a side of home fries.

Waffle Gf made with rice our, sunflower seeds, & freshly ground ax seeds, with pure maple syrup or blueberry sauce, fresh fruit and coconut crème fraiche.

French Toast a thick slice of our banana pound cake grilled up warm and crisp, with blueberry sauce.

Soy Buttermilk Biscuit 

Add Earth Balance Or Jam

Both Earth Balance & Jam

Fresh Fruit, Salad, Or Steamed Greens (Gf) 

Home Fries (Ns) Or Tempeh Strips (Gf) 

Blueberry Sauce, Maple Syrup, Cheese (Gf, Ns) 

Earth Balance Or Jam jam is sf

Prix Fixe
Served With Garden Salad.*
Frittata (Gf) tofu omelette filled with sacred chow sicilian tomato sauce and vegan cheese, rolled up, slow cooked, and topped with sauce & cheese.

Tempeh Hash (Gf) crumbled roasted & seasoned tempeh with hash browned sweet potatoes and spanish onions.

Tofu Scramble (Gf) made from crumbled tofu, sautéed spanish onions and our special seasonings; served with home fries.

B’fast Sandwich soy buttermilk biscuit piled high with tofu scramble, cheese and seasoned roasted tempeh strips.**

Biscuits & Gravy two biscuit halves w/tofu scramble & steamed greens, smothered with southern style gravy.

For Gf Option, Ask For Corn Tortilla. ** Sub Fruit Or Steamed Greens If Preferred.

Wine By The Glass
All Alcohol On Premises At Sacred Chow Is Sustainable, Kosher Pareve And Vegan. Whenever Possible, Sacred Chow Sources From Wineries Or Breweries In New York. Please Ask Your Server For A Full List Of Wines, As They Do Change Periodically. Beers On Tap Do Change Out, Depending On The Season And The Demand, So Get Your Favorite While It Lasts!
Red Wines
Red By "W", California a proprietary blend of syrah, zin, and black muscat (respectively) bring berry, spice, and a touch of sweetness.

Baron Herzog Old Vine Zinfandel, California rich, floral, and lightly fruity.

Ramon Cordova Rioja, Spain full-bodied, deep purple wine filled with blueberries, spices, chocolate and a perfect balance of tannins.

Barkan Petite Syrah, Israel delicious wine with hints of persimmon, chocolate and olive. delightful with sacred caesar or mama’s soy meatballs

White Wines
Alfasi Chardonnay, Chile a lively white with flavors of apples and spices. plays well with our complex carb tapas and salads.

Don Alfonso Sauvignon Blanc, Chile zesty wine with a creamy feel and tons of pear, apple, & spice. pairs well with sacred caesar or griddled shiitake mushroom & spinach salad.

Baron Herzog Chardonnay, California a true california chardonnay. a perfect balance of fruit, oak and tannins. will stand up to any dish on our menu.

Bartenura Pinot Grigio, Italy lemony, minerally and a balance of soft spices matches up well with our hummus and tofu.


Featured Beer
Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale bottle

(16oz.) 12.25
Bottles Beer
Bard's Tale Dragon's Gold 

(12oz.) 8.00
Blue Point Toasted Lager 

(12oz.) 7.50
Crispin Hard Cider 

(12oz.) 7.25
Doc's Hard Apple Cider 

(12oz.) 11.25
Full Sail Premium Lager 

(16oz.) 6.50
Full Sail Session Black 

(16oz.) 6.50
Samuel Smith Organic Lager 

(12oz.) 8.50
Young's Double Chocolate Stout 

(16oz.) 9.00
Gf = Gluten Free, Wf = Wheat Free, Ns = No Soy, Ks = Kosher 4 Shabbos

Sacred Chow on Urbanspoon

It's a quaint spot.  It's not full of pretentious nuevo foods, but just simple yet wholesome plant based goodness.  A nice refuge from the hustle and bustle of the Village.  Our food came quickly, yet we didn't feel rushed at all.  I personally can't stand it when they keep coming to clear your plates when you aren't finished eating.  This is a place you can linger with dim lighting.


  1. wow looks amazing!! its my dream to have a vegan cafe one day =)

  2. Wow, they really brightened the place up! It used to be really heavily draped and dark...I used to work right across the street but I've only been in maybe once. I keep meaning to go back, and especially now that you've posted the menu. So glad you enjoyed everything!