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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Moo Shoes, New York. Vegan Shoes, Boots, Belts, Bags, and Bling in the Lower East Side.

A trip to New York is not complete until I have hit Moo Shoes.  Hemp Hats, Matt & Nat Bags, Combat Boots, Vegan Cookbooks, Herbivore Clothes.....All Cruelty Free.  And they have resident cats.

78 Orchard St
New York, NY  10002

In a favorite part of New York.  The Lower East Side.  Within a block is TienGarden, BlueStockings, Babycakes, and Gus's Pickles used to be across the street (Think movie "Crossing Delancy") but is now gone.  So basically Vegan Heaven in a city block.

MooShoes was opened in 2001 by sisters Erica & Sara Kubersky.  

Resident Cat.

I think this is the one that sometimes gets shaved like a lion!

Love all the bags, Wallets (both men's and women's), and tennis shoes.

My hubby had to pry me away from this wall last time.  Usually I try to make one stop "husband free"  just so I am not "reminded" that I already "have a bag that looks like that".  Hubby has gotten some goods from here as well.  Some Earth Sandals and a few wallets.

He can't remember the password to the store account.  He wanted to order more cat treats.

Some great heels but whenever I am in New York heels are the last thing on my mind.  Not for a walking city!   

Pleather Jackets from Vegetarian Shoes and lots of veggie shirts and belts.

They also usually have the latest "Vegan Guide to New York" and other vegan information both local & national.

Made out of recycled bottles.

This store is so casual and welcoming, that even your other half will endure your pursuit of pretty feet.  Even if you already do have bags or shoes that "look like that".

East St. Louis, Illinois Rescues

Some of the kids on our East St. Louis Feeding/Rescue Route.  Savvy on left is super pregnant and has been rescued!!  She is due anyday now.  Then Knuckles has a hurt "elbow".  Horton is the beautiful Brindle dog and the father to Savvy's kids.  And shy Fingers is on the end.
This Siamese kitty has also been rescued and is up for adoption at !! East St. Louis.

 RaRa is stilllllll waiting for a foster home.  She has lived her entire life on the streets of East St. Louis and just wants to retire in a warm home.

 This is kind of sad.  Washington Park, Illinois, is a new part of the route and seems even more blighted than East St. Louis.  Except the homes are newer and abandoned.  This poor dog has an embedded chain but would not let Pj close enough to do anything about it.  She has been keeping an eye on it and trying to earn trust so she & GPG can rectify the situation and get this poor guy the medical attention he needs.

 So many chained dogs in this area.  It is not illegal.  However, if the animal does not have shelter or the chain is "too short" (but there is no length requirement), then they may get a knock on the door.  Pj has not seen this dog again.  Very strange.

Mr. Tux is still out there.  The Siamese and Tommy used to be at this house as well but they were rescued.  Maybe Mr. Tux will be next.

Poor Savvy!!!!  This is when she was ready to burst with babies.  We were so lucky that Ms. U agreed to foster her and actually went that evening and by some miracle Savvy was still at the house and let Ms. U take her in the car.  Now Savvy is resting comfortably, just waiting.  Like every other pregnant mom to be!

So happy that we were able to save her!!  I would not have wanted to go into this home to try to get the puppies.  It is half collapsed so not really sturdy enough to stand and still enough to fall on ya.....not good.  February 23, 2012

Here is Pj talking to Savvy. 

The gal on the left is an adorable German Shepard puppy that Pj rescued February 25, 2012.  Super sweet and full of energy.  She is up for adoption.

And Blondie, my current running buddy.  Another East St. Louis Rescue.  She is still waiting for a forever home.

And 30 seconds with RaRa who is still waiting for a foster....

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