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Monday, March 5, 2012

Dr. G's Groovy Gooseberry Amazing Antioxidant SuperPower Smoothie. Cancer, Diabetes, High Cholesterol-Meet my New Friend "Amla". And then "Go Fruit Yourself".

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There are only 3 whole foods on the planet that have more antioxidant power than cloves (according to this study).  One of them is Amla.  Not just more powerful, but more palatable.  You can add a teaspoon of powdered amla to your smoothies and if you even taste it, it will probably be subtle.  Try doing that with cloves!!  

Typical American Breakfast Food Antioxidant Contents.

Bacon and Eggs  7
Bowl of Cornflakes with milk  30
Egg McMuffin 16
Bagel with Cream Cheese 26

Dr. Greger's Groovy Gooseberry Smoothie??

1.Cup of unsweetened soymilk 16
2.1/2 cup of frozen blueberries 535
3.Pulp of Mexican Mango 124 (the mango ALONE has more antioxidants than the other breakfasts!)
4.Tablespoon of ground flaxseeds 9
5.A palm full of bulk white tea leaves 101
6.1 teaspoon of Amla, Indian Gooseberry Powder 782 (about 4 CENTS worth of Amla!!!!)

1500 Units of Antioxidant Power in this Dr. G's Smoothie!

 More than the average person gets in an entire week!!
1/2 of the Antioxidant power from the smoothie came from that single teaspoon of powdered Gooseberries!

I improvise my smoothies....meaning, I use whatever I have left or available in the house.  But my current faves include:

Typical Frozen Bananas, Mangoes, Nearly one pound of fresh Spinach, 1 tsp. Amla, 2 tsp. Cinnamon, PlantFusion Protein Powder (Love the flavor!). And a glass straw which has exponentially increased the joy I derive from green smoothies!!

Some of my Smoothie Picks:

1. PlantFusion Protein Powder (gluten free) because of it's great taste and it packs in 42% RDA protein in 1 scoop.  I never used powders prior to this, but have kind of grown to love this one, especially when I am eating a very high fruit diet. 
2. Frozen Bananas that I slice and keep in freezer in ziplocs.
3. Diced Frozen Mangoes (I buy them cheap) or strawberries, blueberries, etc...
4. Half to 3/4 pound of fresh Spinach, Mixed Lettuces, Kale, or other greens.
5.  If fresh is out then I hit the frozen spinach or frozen broccoli
6. Sprouts.  Sprouts can be great in smoothies.
7.  One teaspoon Amla.
8.  Other extras I may include are cinnamon, maca, lucuma, turmeric, chia seeds, black sesame seeds, kelp powder or other seaweed, hemp seeds.......Staples are cinnamon & turmeric.  Those are cheap.  Anything else is icing on the cake.  I buy nearly all my herbs and spices from Mountain Rose Herbs-I can't find anything cheaper or more ethical.  Love them.

Banana & Spinach.

 Blueberries, Kale, Pomegranate.

 Mango, Spinach, Banana

 Broccoli is another great addition to smoothies. Frozen works great too and tends to be cheaper and lasts longer.

Mesclun Sprouts. Superfood for Smoothies.
I just adore Dr Greger's video and am always learning something new!!  And that's very cool because I get really bored with the "latest and greatest"  nutrition stuff that has actually been out there for decades.    And he puts out all these wonderfully entertaining videos on DVD sets as well (you can see many of them on his site too).  And ALL the proceeds go to charity.  I first saw the guy when he was travelling around the country giving speeches about Mad Cow Disease, Nutrition, The Atkins Diet, etc....and he would speak anywhere.  He is up there with John Robbins and the people who are not chasing wealth at all.  There are so few people that we meet that uphold such a high level of integrity, and then give back the fruits of their work to the community.  He is one of those and I encourage you to support his work and buy his books & DVD's.  I put one in the DVD player and thought my hubby was occupied with an intense Angry Birds game on the ipad.  Minutes into the "quiz" show Dvd, the ipad was turned off and on the coffee table.  He couldn't help but pay attention!  When Disc one was over, I didn't want to "subject" him to more of my nutrition stuff that night, so I said I would watch the next one when he wasn't home.  But no, he wanted to watch it right THEN!!!!  Quirky & entertaining.  He has EIGHT DVDS OUT!!!! This is his latest and you can see all the topics below!

Follow Link to Buy Dr. G's new Dvd!! All Proceeds to Charity! for lots of super shorts!

1.  Is there anything kale can't do?
2.  Smoking versus kale
3.  Smoking versus broccoli
4.  From stem to stern
5.  From broccoli to breast
6.  Liver toxicity due to broccoli juice?
7.  How much broccoli is too much?
8.  The best detox
9.  Sometimes the enzyme myth is true
10. Have broccoli, won’t travel
11. Biggest nutrition bang for the buck
12. The dangers of broccoli?
13. Raw broccoli and bladder cancer survival
14. Breast cancer survival, butterfat, and chicken
15. Breast cancer survival and trans fat
16. Breast cancer survival and lignan intake
17. Flax and fecal flora
18. Breast cancer survival and soy
19. Coffee and cancer
20. What about the caffeine?
21. Vegetarians versus healthy omnivores
22. EPIC findings on lymphoma
23. Dioxins, viruses, or antibiotics?
24. Poultry and penis cancer
25. Carcinogenic retrovirus found in eggs
26. Poultry exposure and neurological disease
27. Poultry and paralysis
28. Cross-contamination risks
29. Meat-borne infection risk from shopping carts

New product from Earthbound Farms.  Runs about 5.00 a pound.  Prewashed. Great mix of organic chards and kales.  

30. A treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome
31. Cholesterol and female sexual dysfunction
32. Cholesterol and lower back pain
33. Watermelon as treatment for erectile dysfunction
34. The safer cinnamon
35. Raw veggies versus cooked for heart disease
36. The fruit whose juice is healthier
37. Preventing COPD with diet
38. Treating COPD with diet
39. Eating healthy on the cheap
40. When meat can be a lifesaver
41. Creatine brain fuel supplementation
42. Cheese mites and maggots
43. Cow’s milk-induced infant apnea
44. Cow’s milk casomorphin and crib death
45. Cow’s milk casomorphin and autism
46. National Dairy Council on acne and milk
47. Skim milk and acne
48. The acne-promoting effects of milk
49. Apples and oranges: dietary diversity
50. Garden variety anti-inflammation
51. Preventing macular degeneration with diet
52. How to see 27 miles farther
53. Preventing cataracts with diet

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