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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Amla Vs. Cancer, Diabetes, Cholesterol. The Miracle Berry? Amazing Amla from "The Indian Slow Cooker" book. Vegan Soapbox.

More Indian Chickpeas!  I made the Vegan Amla Chickpeas, or the Sooka Amla Chana, from The Indian Slow Cooker book authored by Anupy Singla.  Another simple recipe that uses dried chickpeas meaning no soaking, no fermenting of forgotten beans, no BPAs found in can linings and no additional cost.  You can get them anywhere!  But if you go to your local co-op, Whole Foods, health store, then you can usually snag them organic and in bulk.  Under 2.00 a pound (depending on gas prices, the organic may be just under 2.00!).

The Indian Slow Cooker: 50 Healthy, Easy, Authentic Recipes
A "must have" for any Vegan that loves Indian food. 
This is Anupy's first book.  Nearly ALL vegan and can be made with zero oil!
You can Pre-Order this book.  It's all vegan and a mix of stovetop and slow cooker recipes.

You want  dried amla, Indian Gooseberries.  SEEMA, in St. Louis, only carried "Salted Amla" in a small package. But you can buy Amla powder and the dried berries from Mountain Rose Herbs, sin salt.   The amla turns the chickpeas dark!  This recipe used a slightly different technique for adding all the veggies at the end.  You basically make a tunnel in the beans, put your veggies in, and carefully pour hot oil (you can totally make these without the won't be authentic, but don't skip out on making these dishes just because you are on a Bill Clinton, Caldwell Esselstyn, John McDougall eating plan!!!!) on top trying to cook the veggies.  This slightly freaked me out as I don't really do Earth Balance anyhow, and then hot! Scary!  But it turned out to be simple and overall pretty non-threatening.

Goji Berries have 5 times the antioxidant power of raisins.  Dried Pomegranate Seeds and Barberries are superior to Goji Berries.  Dried Red Whortleberries  (only available in the Arctic Tundra) top that.  But what tops everything on the planet earth (at least that we know about right now?)????  Dried Indian Gooseberries! Off the charts!!

Indian Gooseberries.  Amla.  Known as a "Wonderberry" in the treatment and prevention of cancer.  Anti-Fever, Anti-Pain, Anti-Cough, Anti-Artery Clogging, Anti-Stress, Heart Protective, Stomach Protective, Anti-Anemia, Anti-Cholesterol, Wound Healing, Antidiarrheal, and protective of the liver, kidneys and nerves.  A hair tonic & a snake venom neutralizer.  Amla against 6 types of human Cancer.  Lung, Colon, Ovarian, Breast, Cervical, and Liver Cancer.  Amla wins........even the highest dosage levels Amla did a number on cancer cells, while leaving normal cells virtually the same.  That's impressive.

Amla and Diabetes??  What about testing Whole Foods on Whole People?  They took people on diabetes and compared diabetes medication against just 3/4 teaspoon of  dried, powdered, Amla-which is about 2 berries-once a day.  Just 3/4 tsp. Amla worked better than the leading diabetes drug.  1/2 tsp. dried amla a day and 1/4 tsp a day still brought their blood sugars into the "normal" range (under 100).  Side effects of the drug??  Listen to the Video....or any drug commercial.  Side effects of gooseberries??  Um, nothing.  OH, except it cut their bad choesterol.

One Gooseberry a day cut their bad cholesterol in HALF in 3 weeks. Boosted good cholesterol.  And cut their triglycerides in half!

Price of gooseberries?? Go to any Indian Grocer, or Mountain Rose Herbs online.  $3.00 for a 3 month supply.  Dr. G reccomends curing your diabetes with a plant based diet.  But Amla sure looks like a good tool if you need extra help along the way.  Plus it's packed with antioxidants!
Human Breast Cancer Cells vs. Amla.  Could Amla prevent the invasion of cancer into other places?  
Control group had 100% invasion.  Taxol, standard chemo drug, cuts invasion in half.  Very Tiny doses of Amla, almost as good as the chemo.  

Dried Indian Gooseberries 261.53 antioxidant content in 100g vs Blueberries 1.32.   Herbs and Spices can pack even more of a punch.

Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Marinara with a few florets of broccoli.  142 antioxidant unit meal.  
Sprinkle one little spoonful of dried oregano on top to nearly double that meal and bring it up to 260!  
Replace that oregano with marjoram for 326.

Bowl of Oatmeal has 16.
 Oatmeal with 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon on top?? Brings it to 116.

1 tsp oregano=154
1 tsp cinnamon=200
Dried Lemon Balm=326
Dried Peppermint=418

Dried Amla has 200 times the antioxidant of Blueberries!

Kabuli Chana, Chickpeas.

Once again, the amazing thing about this book is that Anupy uses dried beans.  If you are a macrobiotic fiend, then you will soak the beans first and reduce the cooking time a bit.  But for those of us whose soaked beans are often discovered the following week, moldy, after something smells funny in the kitchen.  Well, just throw the dried beans & ingredients in that pot and push the "Go" button.

Yep.  This is it. The magical superberry, Amla.  

This food just looks like medicine.  The colors and just packed with spices!  So many antioxidants that you will probably grow wings!

The recipes are pretty authentic, so careful with the peppers and the red chili pepper if you are easily wounded.  You can work up to it!

And Anupy uses course salt.  So don't go using the full amount of a finely ground salt or you are going to be very surprised.  I even the cut course salt down a bit as my hubby is a little sensitive to it.

Amla Chickpeas, finished.
This make 14 cups of chickpeas!

I end up adding just a little bit more water to this recipe to give it a bit more broth.  Just because hubby prefers the "wet" dishes.  At least for the legume based recipes.  The Amla is packed with Vitamin C also, which will help your bod absorb all that iron.

Verdict: I thought they were great.  They did have a dryer texture than the "Chana Masala" recipe.  Hubby liked, but he still prefers the wet dal makhani, urad dal, and rajmahs.  He just prefers broth.  I am a total chickpea fanatic and could eat them soupy or dry!  Hands down, this is a delicious dish!  And now when I make this dish, I just add extra water to create more of a broth for my man.......

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Vegan Soapbox:  Another one Anupy's examples that you can make some of the healthiest food on the planet for pennies.  Just yesterday a friend was exclaiming to me that she had no inclination to eat healthier nor feed her family any sort of "natural" food.  That maybe in "big" metropolitan cities these foods are available, but in "normal" mid-western towns, natural foods just aren't "around".   I was thinking, hmmm.......Rice and Beans are everywhere!!  And for far less cost than people are paying for their "Fruit Loops" or "Healthy Brand Name Cereals".  One of the most important things that  you can do for your kids is to teach them how to eat in a mindful, healthy way.  If cost is an issue, then minimize packaged foods.  Dried Rice and Beans are very inexpensive, even when you buy organic.  This is the way that most of the planet eats so there is not reason in the world that in the richest (or almost)  country in the world, that people with transportation or the internet, cannot eat healthy on a budget.  Fresh veggies are also inexpensive if you are not buying bags of tortilla chips.  The wealth in our country has completely impoverished us spiritually and nutritionally.  While I do not advocate poverty in the least, we have swung so far the other direction that we have lost sight of being human.  A terribly non comical tragedy.  In general we do not recognize that even with the recession, that our overabundance is actually robbing others out of food and water.  We won't recognize this until we are the ones that are thirsty.  While I would never want to hand in my US passport because I embrace the freedom that it gives me, it was also my return to the States that made me shudder from the "Born in the USA" syndrome.  It seems like nothing is ever "realized" until it is our children who are starving.  Our children who cannot get clean water.  My hope is that parents consider that trying to be "green" isn't some elitist trend, but a hope (and action) that there will be sufficient resources for the generations to come.  

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