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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Get Juiced with The Gerson Girls Carrot Chemo Video. Killing Cancer with Carrots, Kale, and Coffee. Got Cancer? Free Healing Cancer Summit.

Jess and her mum, Aussie Goddesses who are kicking Cancer's Butt with the "Gerson Therapy".   Remember, Jess didn't start out doing this therapy because she was "against chemo", but after her agressive cancer returned even after chemo, she looked for other options.  She was told that she would have to cut her arm off.  16 months into the therapy, she still has two arms and is simply the most adorable Carrot Chemo Girl!  Check out Jess interviewing her mother on why her mum decided to do Gerson right off the bat after discovering she had breast cancer.  To read another Blogpost on Jess Read: On Carrots, Coffee & Cancer. Jess, the Groovy Gorgeous Gerson Girl.

Kevin Gianni, of Renegade Health, is hosting this free "Healing Cancer World Summit".  All you need to do is sign up.  And as you learn in this video, he has very personal reasons to want to find better ways to fight cancer.  Or at least offer people some other choices.  Of course the Gerson Therapy will be one of the therapies discussed.  

From the "Food Matters" Documentary.

An interview with Kevin Gianni from Renegade Health.

Childhood Leukemia and Hot Dogs??  Just ONE hot dog a week shows a 950% increase in likelihood of childhood leukemia.  Diet, including obesity and alcohol, is the cause of about 50% of Cancer.  I just assume I will get it from Mesothelioma (from the abandoned homes in East St. Louis) and 20 years on the Pill (Cancer maybe, but Child-free :)  But Hot dogs, really?  Thinking with those statistics I would trade in the Hot Dog for an organic lentil dog (unless I really didn't like my kids). Video from Dr. G's

*Everybody's just a Little Bit Gay. Allen Ginsberg. My Big Gay Ginger Lime Balls from Palmcrantz's "Raw Food" Book. And Hehe, Dates DON'T raise your blood sugar, EVEN the Wet Ones!

  *Weiner Woes. Smaller Shorter Schlongs Caused By Eating Cock.

Weiner Warts.  STD's from Meat? HPV in the Kitchen.  "No Honey, it wasn't another man.  Just a slab of bacon".  "Cock Cancer".  It's not Just For the Chickens.

*Tempeh, Tofu, Teats, & Tamoxifen. Soy and Cancer. You need to know. Anupy's Masala Tofu Scramble Recipe. Get Skinny on Soy? Eggs & Celery.

And of course, footage from the rescue group I work with sometimes.  Gateway Pet Guardians feeds the stray dogs and cats in East St. Louis (over the river from St. Louis) every single day of the year.  Pj has made it the same priority of her morning coffee and started doing this nearly 15 years ago.  Her endless devotion to these animals inspired several people to form the non-profit.  And now Pj has a crew (and her own documentary!) to help feed, fund raise, & rescue.  "Nevada" has since been rescued.  His collar got so embedded that he could not eat or drink and was constantly drooling.  Dr. Ed & Hillside Animal Hospital were able to take him in that day to surgically remove his collar.  He has to leave the vet and we are in dire need of a foster.  Apparently he is the most sweet & loving dog, even after that whole ordeal!  

The above video is part of footage from a day that we had a group of people.  We had just finished going through abandoned building and wooded areas looking for Dodie's puppy.  Nigel & Nigella are still on the street but probably "rescueable" if we have fosters.  Their "person" has moved and they are left behind.  Pj also takes residents dog food to feed their pets and helps out trying to encourage spaying and neutering of pets.  Often people don't want to spay and neuter but then get overwhelmed with the puppies and call Pj to take the puppies........

And the cats.  We see these cats every single day!!!! This is a "Blooper" because we didn't plan on getting a cat that day and we didn't end up with one either.  But Ms. J thought she wanted the little Mr. Tux kitty and Pj actually got him!! But......Turns out Ms. J can't take Mr. Tux anyhow, but if we have a foster we can rescue him with a cat trap next time!!

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  1. Fascinating post. As a cancer survivor, myself, I have a first-person perspective on what it's like to have it and treat it. When I was diagnosed seventeen years ago now - wow! - I really had no understanding of how to treat cancer through diet. I was already a vegetarian, but not a vegan, and even then, I didn't understand the positive health ramifications of a vegan diet. I was vegetarian solely for ethical reasons, not health. So, I went with the conventional medical path - that and prayer saved my life, I believe. However, I had a girlfriend, who just a couple of years before, also had cancer. She chose the alternative path, which I looked upon suspiciously, only because I hadn't heard of it before. She went to Mexico and stayed on a ranch where she ate only organic and mostly raw fruits and veggies and juices and did at least once-daily enemas. After several weeks there, she returned looking emaciated (as Ms. Gerson described) and continued the Mexican plan. She only got worse, and I became very worried for her. Anyhow, she started chemo, and that actually saved her life. I'm not against alternative therapies by any means, and I now understand the link between diet and good health, especially as I get older (ugh). I totally support anyone's personal decision on how to handle their health, but I personally think the best approach would be a combination of both conventional medicine and alternative therapy. One thing I found interesting is Ms. Gerson stated her father only found flax seed oil as a fat that would not regrow tumors, but Dr. G in his video said that no plant-based fats were linked to cancer. So, I think that area still needs to be explored. I'm obviously not a fat-free blogger, but I do appreciate the thought of fat-free and would like to incorporate more of that into my diet. Anyhow, this can start a really good discussion, and what I hope comes out of it the most, is respect for everyone's personal decision process if they are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. There really isn't anything more stressful than dealing with that, and loved ones should be supportive. (Sorry for the length of this comment.)

  2. Wow.....Wonderful that that you both are healthy now!!!! Did your friend go to the Gerson Institute or another place?? I also so wish that more studies were done on all of this because it is hard to make decisions about something when you have to dig up all of the information yourself!! I wonder if it was that no plant based oils cause cancer but maybe ones other than flax are not for healing it? The Gerson plan is so incredibly demanding, with so many enemas and everything done just perfectly, I think it would be really hard to do! I wish it were easier to compare all of the alternative methods to really get a better idea of what works and maybe slightly different things work on different cancers. Then there are all the doctors in Suzanne Somers's book, and I found it interesting the discussions about chemo. It sounded like we could actually test the chemo out to see if it would be effective, or what type of chemo, before using it. I am sure that all aspects of one's life play into healing it. In the "Yogini" book, it sounded like a yogi healed her cancer by being a hermit and meditating all day for a period of time. I am totally not "fat free" either, but my hubby is pretty much that way to keep his cholesterol really good. I may turn more that way, but for now I am trying to stay away from oil and just eat avocadoes, nuts, etc.....I really do wish, like you, that we took a more integrative approach. It bummed me out so much to be visiting our friend with cancer, and them pushing ensure, artificially flavored gelatin, and french fries down his throat!! I just felt like at the very least they educate people about nutrition. And also as far as trying to prevent it from coming back-SO glad that you & your friend are survivors!

  3. Thank you! We are both doing very well now. I'm not sure if she went to the Gerson Institute - it's been so long now, but it does sound similar, doesn't it? I also truly believe there are healthy plants oils for us to eat. You know I'm a Christian - it's on my site - and so I believe that God put avocados and nuts and olives and such here for the health of our bodies. I do not believe He provided anything for us that would harm us. Anyhow, I forgot to say something above, if you can believe it!, and that is the cause of some of the cancers. I do think that many are caused by diet and pollution exposure, etc., but I think there could be some truth to the idea that some are caused by inner stress. If you are in an abusive relationship or are severely depressed or bereft of any joy, I think your body will respond in a negative way. So, maybe we can explore finding good health in all our capacities - find people that invigorate us and not harm us, as well as environments. As for children and babies who have cancer, that breaks my heart, and many of them haven't even been alive long enough to have had anything but breast milk. And, I don't want to point my finger at a grieving breast-feeding mother. So, some things we may never know all the answers to, but we can keep on trying.