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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dr G's Nuts & Clever Cloves . Vegan Thanksgiving! Anti-Aging Peaceful PIes. Vegan Pumpkin Pie and Raw Vegan Butternut Squash or "Pumpkin Pie" Pie from Alissa Cohen's "Living On Live Food"

Soaked Dates and Raw Almonds.  Raw Fooders know that it is a "trick" to get "really raw" almonds because of new laws that require them to get pasteurized (or at least heated to above the commonly accepted "raw norms").  I ordered these from Bremner Farms-directly from the grower.  They did say they were raw and that their facility is gluten free and that they are safe for celiacs.  So give them a call to confirm or check them out if you are a celiac looking for another nut supplier because apparently there aren't scads of Gluten Free (Certified) Nut suppliers!  Currently selling from 6-8 dollars a pound depending on what amount you buy (Raw & Organic).  So for me this was basically cheaper than the almonds that are at Whole Foods, in the bags, which are not raw, and are not organic, and are not grown in the United States.........

  Living on Live Food
This is the "Pumpkin Pie" from Alissa's book (page 498 in my copy).  Raw. Vegan.  Simple. And it uses butternut squash!  Plus it has the standard cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg for an ORAC party.

What are the Miracle Foods??  Nuts & Cloves!! So indulge in some anti-aging pies this Holiday!

Dr G's Healthy Pumpkin Pie (Cooked) from NutritionFacts.Org
Cloves & Cinnamon are AMAZING!!!!

These Dates are the cheaper variety at Whole Foods.  Organic but Deglet Noor, not Medjool.  However, if you love dates, then you must contact "The Date People" from California who grow natural dates but are not "certified" organic.  From what I understand, they do not use pesticides but they are a very small business and could not/would not go through the certification process.  When I say "small", I mean there is not always someone answering the phone there because they are picking dates!  They have Variety Packs as well, and "wet" and "dry" dates.  

Grating the Squash was a cinch.  I just put it through my handy dandy retro "Salad Shooter".

Super Spices!  Yep, all the stuff Dr. Oz mentions everyday......NO, there will be no mercury filled Salmon in my pie!

Cuisinart......or any old food processor.  Yes, push "Go"!

With these raw dishes, I always feel like texture is subjective.  I prefer chunky, but you might want a super smooth pie so it could "pass" for a "cooked" version?  If I ever want something super duper smooth, I throw it in the Vita-mix.  But for my everyday stuff, it's easier to just use the food processor.  Plus you don't need extra liquid in the food processor.

So the Nuts & Dates make the "crust". No baking, no dehydrating.

Once again, I wasn't sure how it would "set" or slice.  But after the pie spent sometime meditating in the fridge, it formed a beautiful texture that was pretty "sliceable".  It wasn't a Cafe Gratitude pie, but it also didn't have 1/2 a pound of Coconut Oil in it-expensive for the wallet (Artisana) and controversial for the heart!!  But the is a type of pie you can make easily at home, probably with ingredients you keep on hand if you are flirting with raw foods.

Why a Plant Based Thanksgiving??  Well, if you have a dog or a cat then you probably know a little about animal love.  And everyone knows you can't actually "love" animals if you still eat them!!  This video is the reality.........The beautiful thing is that we each make a choice every single time we eat.  If we are buying these products, then we are personally responsible for creating more suffering in the world.  If our goal is to reduce suffering in the world, then eating plants, and less food in general, is a marvelous way to go.  For our bodies, the planet, and of course the animals we love.

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*Jay Nixon has been Neutered. Bend over & ditch the KY, this is a Rough One. (Just in case you thought it was just Republicans & Tea Partiers that I vented about!)
Aloo Gobi from Anupy Singla's "The Indian Slow Cooker" Book.
(Curried Cauliflower and Potatoes)

Kailia - Chiara - Black Faux Leather

Raw Vegan Brownies Post From Jennifer Cornbleet's "Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People".
What do you need?  Ingredients and maybe 10 minutes!! 

Just when Fast Food couldn't suck more.....Well Mercy For Animals is going Primetime.  Yep, this story is on Diane Sawyer & 20/20.  The reality is that these are the truths, the "industry standards" of egg production.  These birds are considered "livestock", not animals.  They are products and treated by the industry no differently than Chinese Made Toys thrown on shelves at a Walmart.  Once again, we have a choice.  We create the change.  This suffering only exists because people pay for it.  With their pocketbooks, with their health, and with a lot of karma.....

Just another East St. Louis Feeding....I go out with Pj & the Gateway Pet Guardians crew once in awhile.  I am able to get up early, which basically qualifies me to go-Pj likes punctuality!  So even if my boots aren't tied, I usually have myself ready to go on time and get to feel like we are doing something compassionate in the early hours.  I would love to hear about rescue work that any of the readers do!!  These feedings/rescues are all in East St. Louis, Illinois (across the river from St. Louis, Missouri).

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  1. That pie sounds great! Awesome that 20/20 is airing that story.

  2. I just ordered my raw almonds from Bremner Farms! Thanks SO much for sharing!
    Best! Priscilla

  3. I MUST make that pumpkin pie. Like, asap.