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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse of Kris Carr, Day 12 and 13

Our date to Whole Foods.  My Afternoon Bliss.
Hubby's Hash.

Woke up early because I am so damn used to it that even when I try to sleep in sometimes, I'm screwed.  Knew we had a Whole Foods trip planned today so thought I better used up some of the gazillion pounds of carrots I am storing in the basement fridge.  So I blew up the kitchen and found all my juicing paraphernalia (we have an insane monster juicer) and made a mountain of carrot, celery, apple juice.  The stuff lasts at least 3 days and is amazing.  Hubby woke up and instead of just reading the smut aloud on the HuffPost, he was quoting me prices for realty in Belize.  We have discovered House Hunters International on the HGTV network and I'm an addict.  We already have imaginary homes in Morocco, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Ecuador.  Actually, the only real time we, or I, seriously considered a second property was a few years back when the prices were good in Buenos Aires.  But now with the crazy house we have I just can't imagine owning a second one in another country.  It seems way too complicated.  What does seem nice is dropping out and just living on that second property, with the income in dollars.  Buenos Aires is wonderful, but I think Mendoza or somewhere very tranquil with clean air would be a better long term bet for us reclusive peeps.  I told him to look in India, but he didn't come up with much there and he was pretty hip on Belize this morning. 
For now I don't have a Kale farm in Belize. My Kale Farm is all snowed in.
The Kombucha that was on sale.  None of the stuff is as good now that they had to change the formula.
Very grateful today for being such a spoiled girl.  Had a wonderful lunch at Whole Foods, which is a rarity as we almost never eat there.  We almost got dosas but got a late start.  Thinking my massive Kale Salad was probably a better choice! These foods are just so beautiful.  Had my green juice in the morning.......greens in the afternoon.....and greens at night!  With some Teecino coffee not coffee. Thinking this cleanse thing is going to take root and the fundamentals may last longer than the 21 days.  Yesterday had a lot of green salads, hemp seeds, some black beans.  And lots of deep breaths! I even started another tray of wheatgrass and have more seeds soaking. I was bummed out to read about the GMO food labeling, or lack of it it, issue and that Whole Foods is participating in this whole push.  Hoping it will all pan out.

He got some Kale too!! With Tofu, Vegan Enchilada, Sesame Noodles, Macrobiotic dumplings.......He doesn't go for the light food (you pay by weight).

He snuck this into the cart and claimed it was for him. He knows how to win points bigtime.  There was a claim that it was on sale........
LOVING the fridge right now.  Lots of the Carrot and Celery Juice.  Cabbages, Brown Basmati Bag on top....

Pasta!!  And for Ani Phyo's Raw Bread recipes.

The Downstairs fridge.  We are loaded with Kale and the big pot is cut wheatgrass.

Bought the Green Kale this time instead of the Red.  It seems that everyone uses the green for the salad.  Maybe it is a little firmer and lasts longer??  I think I get an A++++ on this shopping trip.  

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  1. I feel you on the House Hunters International addiction. I love that show! It's kind of like a travel show, but instead of seeing tourist sites, you see the way that people live day to day. It's fascinating also to see how far the dollar will go in other countries. They've done shows in a lot of interesting places.

    I'm enjoying reading your process of doing Kris Carr's cleanse. I'm only just now reading her book (and just ordered a juicer as well). Thanks for the inside peek!