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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse, Day 9 and 10. Sexy Sprouting.

Vermiculite.  A Lazy Girl's Soil Medium.
 This is what happens when I don't have dates in the house.  I start sprouting.  While I am still lamenting the lack of sweet in my diet (I keep flirting with the BlackStrap Molasses I have for Raw Ginger Cookies), I actually started sprouting again. This happens in spurts.  Sprout for awhile until a few batches get moldy because I am a terrible parent, and then decide to give them a break.  The SproutPeople talk about using Vermiculite for an easy soil medium and it does work well.  Just make sure you get Horticultural grade.  I have been sucking down herbal teas and mate. Feasting on Arugula and Olives.  Never buy Planter's Walnuts.  They aren't fresh at all.....This was the only brand when I went to the little market.  Does anyone know a good online source for cheap, raw, organic nuts? I would settle for organic, from the States.

My babies are growing up in the Easy Sprout.  Time to liberate them!

My Indoor Garden.  We do have an old house, but hopefully it won't actually snow on them.


The Grass is ready to Grow.

No Sunblock for them.

Folks Healing Kale Powder.
My parents have a garden full of Kale and they dehydrated some of it and ground it up in the Vita-Mix to create their own "green powder".  An easy and awesome way to preserve the Kale Crop.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

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