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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kris Carr's Adventure Cleanse, Day 2

"RawFredo" from Vega-Deli 

Hubby got "Falafel Salad". Gluten Free so I could taste too!

 Kris was on Good Morning America this morning kicking off her Cleanse!  I ran into Kris Carr's first book, Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, totally by accident while I was browsing in the East-West Bookstore in New York.  Hubby was working so I spent many hours one Friday evening just browsing all of their wonderful offerings.  The title must have caught my eye and I just started reading it right at the store.  I eventually had to find a seat since I was doing more than just flipping through the book.  I didn't buy it on the spot, as I was thinking I don't have cancer (that is evident yet), so I don't "need" this book.  It was so entertaining and inspirational though, that I ordered a copy just a few weeks later.  That copy has since been circulated and never made it home again, so probably time to purchase another.  Then of course her movie on TLC was being shown.  This is basically a documentary of her discovery that she had a rare cancer at a very young age and since there was no "Stage 5", she hit the road on her journey to do whatever she could do to improve her chances.  We learn about Hippocrates, the Acid-Alkaline balance, Yoga, Juicing, Fasting, and meet lots of the "Who's Who" in the healing world.  It's completely engaging, and a bit serious.  As we are also confronted with many other peeps battling the same, and those parts are a little difficult to watch.  Overall though, she took a really nasty surprise and somehow transformed herself into this Beautiful Healing Goddess.  Now she has influenced thousands of people steer their lives in a healthier direction.  A wonderful spokesgal for the "Wellness Industry", which can be difficult to navigate at times.  And this book "Crazy Sexy Diet" is so inclusive of all aspects of health with a dose of humor.  Think, regular girl's guide to an at home enema! Photos are from our "Date Night" at Vegi-Deli.  Great place that has lots of raw, Gluten-Free Options. And of course all Vegan!  They will be opening a location in the city in late March!

Cooler has awesome assortment of Vegan Desserts!
Art on the walls, compostable "to go" ware.

Stuffed Cornbread (We had a buy one get one free coupon).
Yummy, but not Gluten-Free.
You gotta love Zucchini Pasta!  

Luscious Sauce base is from Cashews!

This place is tucked away so you have to look for it! It is in the same lot as Schnucks.
Check their hours before you make the trek!!  It's a great place and they even had a "Vegan Wine and Cheeze" party recently!

                So, Day 2 of the Cleanse.  Yerba Mate (I swear it says it's legal in the book!), Green Smoothie with an entire bunch of Kale (wilting kale....) & banana, and green powder, One Apple, and the Lemon Juice/Cayenne water "cocktail".  All before Noon.  Noon is when I get to rock out with my "Raw Rye" Sandwiches. I know the banana is not low GI, but I LOVE them in smoothies and have to use them up.  I don't have enough "juicing" greens to last until I make it to the supermarket.  Seems like the greens go a lot further in the smoothies than juice, so for the next few days that's what it shall be!  Still need to exercise, dry brush, meditate.  Is anyone else cleansing??  I totally forgot the dry brush yesterday.  Will exercise while watching "The Biggest Loser" show tonight.  Completely guilty of watching manipulative TV.  But Bob Harper (vegan) is amazing.  There is a little piglet named after him at Farm Sanctuary.  Compassion to animals is sexy.  It doesn't really matter how "ripped" you are if you are eating Lamb Chops 2 minutes later.  That just ruins the moment.

I just got a phone call from Rory Freedman!  The other day it was Alicia Silverstone!  Albeit, recorded, but what a delightful surprise.  There is a 21 day Vegan Kickstart going on and LOTS of big names backing it like Ginnifer Goodwin, Kathy Freston, John Salley, Daphne Oz (Dr. Oz's daughter), and the list continues.  Check it out!  

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