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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet "Adventure Cleanse", Day 3


If you guys don't already know about this TLC Documentary, rent it, buy it, put it on your Netflix list. A young actress, model, free-spirited girl in New York, gets news of her diagnosis on Valentine's Day, 8 years ago.  This is her journey.  She grabbed a cameraman (and I mean grabbed, as he is her husband now!), enlisted her friends and family, and took life by the cojones.  And now she is sharing her love and all the education that she received on a very wild and emotional journey.

Yikes.  Today I was a very very bad woman.  Worse than when I made my wheatgrass sit 2 weeks before I juiced it!  I woke up and I actually used my Yerba Mate from the day before, like the lyrics or Gardel's and Lepera's  "Yira, Yira".  If you don't have faith, or even your yerba from the day before to redry in the sun....Okay, I had a whole bag of my Great Green Weed (Yerba Mate), but was too damn lazy to walk downstairs to the basement to retrieve the stuff, so poured my hot water on yesterday's gourd.  Which was probably good for the cleanse, I was too lazy to use my drug of choice.

Cuando no tengas ni fe, 
ni yerba de ayer, secandose al sol... 

 Ran out of lemons (I realized this morning) and didn't get my greens in the morning!  Ate a Raw Rye Bread Sandwich with Raw Vegan Nut Cheeze for lunch &  dinner and had a couple of apples with almonds.  This evening I just had my green smoothie with Collard Greens.  I had forgotten how bitter they are in smoothies.  Used to drinking what my husband calls "pond water", so it wasn't such an issue.  But if you are new to juicing or smoothies, spinach is a nice neutral start.  Graduate to Kale.  Collard is Post-Grad.  Also, Lemon Juice and Ginger can really help the flavor of the greens (If you are a Green Virgin).

I actually did my exercise last night while watching Bob Harper, and dry brushed my butt with Colbert.  Then I realized I might have brushed too hard and had to make sure my a** wasn't too scruffed up.    Below is the "Yerba Prima" Dry Brush.  You can have a red a** too.  I have 2 hours to do the rest of my "Cleanse Homework".  Shake my well brushed booty and meditate.  Think I need to aim for 5 minutes (the meditating, the booty shakin' can go for hours).  
Collards, Bad Woman's Banana, Magical Powder.
Tampico Skin Brush
Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush
You too can scrub your skin silly.

Mountain Rose Herbs

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