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Friday, January 28, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse of Kris Carr, Day 11. Alcohol Beat Arugula, or at least Tied.

Butternut Squash I was saving for an "Indian Slow Cooker" recipe but realized I have to reorder fenugreek seeds as I had used them all for sprouting!

And....Alcohol won the evening of 10th. I didn't choose Alcohol over Arugula, but chose Alcohol to accompany it. Translates into a small glass of wine with an incredible Arugula Salad.  My husband (that damn peer pressure :) encouraged me to drink my woes away (which consisted of about 8 ounces of wine) instead of engage in 90 minutes of yoga.  It's funny because I could go a long time without alcohol, but if you take if off of the table, then I "miss" it.  But mostly I want to take from this cleanse is a focus on wheatgrass and juicing in the morning, exercise and meditation 5 days a week, getting outside a few minutes a day (even in the frigid cold), and scrubbing my skin silly (dry brushing).  Emphasis on a raw diet, and cooked foods that are simple (brown rice, beans, veggies). 

Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It!

book.  It's in a format that you can just pick it up and start reading it on any page.  Lots of beautiful photos and wonderful format.

Apparently BPA free cans.  I am sure hubby had these saved for some Nachos, I just realized, but I beat him to it.

Um....yeah, not under 105 degrees.

I am pretending I am macrobiotic.  Don't know if this is, but reminds of "Macro-Meals".

My husband's Punjubi Mash.  He is actually asking me if we have raw onions already cut up.   He is craving raw onions on his food!  He took the Simple Yellow Lentil Dal and the Mock Kheema, added collards and brown basmati.  He can't stand to dirty 2 dishes when it all fits into one.

Huge plate of food for this girl.
Nothing terribly exciting to report today.  I actually watered my sprouts, so maybe there is actually some hidden intention of using them??  Also fantasizing about some raw vegan cacao or carob V-day treats.  We don't do a whole bunch of organized holidays, but why would I pass up a chance to splurge on olives, carob, some lucious raw cheezecake, and some awesome new raw dish?  Maybe some eco-lingerie?? Do you guys have any favorite websites for non-retail prices on these goodies??  I often order the "At-Cost" specials from Raw Food World.  It looks like "Shop Raw Foods" might have some pretty consistent pricing for Olives and other foo-foo Raw Foods.  For Hemp Seeds I usually hit Amazon (and get Nutiva brand) and buy 3 pounds at once.  Amazon actually has good deals on Nutiva, Navita's Naturals, and even 7th Generation Toilet Paper.  The "Subscribe and Save" program gets you an additional 15% off and free shipping.  

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