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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crazy Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse, Day 6. Green Green Smoothies.

Time to Sprout!  I get high quality sprouts from SproutPeople.  It makes it easier to sprout when you start with decent seeds.  I am a very lazy sprouter, so good seeds and minimal effort (the Easy Sprout) make it possible for me.

This comes with Easy Sprout and it is so the smaller seeds don't go through the slots.

Andre loves sprouts.

Giving Grass another chance.  Hopefully I will juice it when it's at it's peak!

The cats LOVE Wheatgrass.

Part of breakfast.


Green Smoothie.

Filled to the brim.

Beautiful.  It actually tasted good with the lemon and apple.

This is like the Biggest Loser "Temptation".  This is my husband "helping" me.  I come in the kitchen and he has cooked up a batch of Daiya (Vegan) Mac & Cheeze.  Organic Brown Rice Pasta.  Actually pretty healthy, but I was staying focused on my green smoothie.

Okay, an entire bunch of Kale in the Vita-Mix today.  Do I get a star or something?  With lemon and apple. The bananas (bad woman's crack) are gone, gone, gone.  And I didn't hide any in the cart yesterday. Lots of cole-slaw with the Dijon Vinaigrette that is in the "Crazy Sexy Diet" book.  Just makes you feel fat, but won't actually make you fat.  But eat 3 bowls of that and don't tell me you don't feel 5 months prego.  Apples and Pepitas.  And since tomorrow is an attempted fasting (juice fasting) day, tonight I am cooking up an Indian 3 bean Chili.  Thought I would start some sprouts.  My favorite sprouter is the "Easy Sprout".  It comes with all sorts of pieces.  You can even travel with it!  I know you can use Mason Jars, but having jars tipped in my kitchen with water draining everywhere was just not working out and I never seemed to get great air circulation.  These little containers drain the water when in an upright position.  They are pretty awesome, even if they are plastic.

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