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Monday, January 17, 2011

Kris Carr's Adventure Cleanse, Day 1

I am a very bad woman.  I had an entire pot of wheatgrass that was getting old downstairs!  So yesterday was scary.  I juiced the entire POT! And my hubby couldn't even get near since he had gotten sick on some "home-grown" I made last time. We always go to the "Greener Pastures" in Union Square, but evidently my grass isn't as good as his! This is a "Miracle" brand Manual, Stainless Steel Juicer which we got from "The Sproutpeople"

Ouch.  Had  to get up early and diligently took my hot water with squeezed lemon & cayenne.  Upset the tummy so ate an apple.  And Kris said it was okay in the book, so did the Yerba Mate.  However, I "downsized", meaning I used a smaller gourd for it.  I did use 2 bananas for my smoothie, but did use nearly one pound of mixed salad lettuces too (starting to go bad!).  So patiently waiting until noon when maybe I can try my "Raw Vegan Rye Bread", which is Rye-Free (meaning gluten free too!) and not really "bread".  Or maybe hubby will bring me home a salad with avocado......No exercise or meditating yet.  If I tried to meditate at this moment I would be snoring about 3 minutes later.  For me, the most difficult part will be meditating, the 35 minutes of daily exercise, and not eating 3 hours before bedtime.  The food part isn't drastically different than what I normally do anyway.  I love to exercise, but it's just cold and wet outside so to get my butt out the door seems insurmountable.

"Wheatgrass Poop" (From Juicer)
This was just a little of how much it made!
Breakfast yesterday.  Raw Tahini, Banana, Apple, and Soaked & Dehydrated Pepitas.

Yum.....Actually this batch of grass was great.  But I waited  too long to juice it.
I finally ordered the wheatgrass seeds from "The Sproutpeople" which
clearly have higher quality sprouts than buying in bulk at Whole Foods.
The Sproutpeople have great products, but shipping may be a bit high!

Later... So I walked one of the dogs outside (my "nature time"), did the treadmill for 20 minutes, bicycle 10 minutes, some leg presses and laughed my a** off from hearing about my friend's eventful weekend.  Hmmmmm......have to get up so early tomorrow so the 8 hours of sleep may be out.  But the laughter from the phone call might make up for it.

Night Before Cleanse Party with Organic Brown Rice Pasta.
Hey, my husband cooked it, I have to accept with gratitude (and a glass of Frey Organic Wine), right? Actually, this may actually count for the cleanse, but generally I just don't eat flour, brown rice or not.

Super Yummy Salad of Mixed Greens and Herbs.
Dressing of Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar.

"SuperCarb" Dinner
Preparing for the Cleanse!

And the Cleanse begins....Bright and Early with some Purified Water, Cayenne, and freshly
Squeezed Lemon Juice.

Followed by 2 Smoothies using 2 bananas and nearly 1 pound of salad greens. The Vita-Mix was filled to the brim.

Delicious "Raw Vegan Rye Bread"
Gluten Free, Recipe from Ani Phyo's "Raw Food Essentials".

Raw Sandwich.  I had several of these today using the Rye Bread (Raw and Vegan),
with either Tahini or the Raw  Nut Cheeze, Tomatoes, and Onion.  I am getting used to raw onion,
Sorry Honey.

My Parents both started the cleanse today as well.  So hopefully my Dad will post a little each day on how it is going for them.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that they find 35 minutes a day to shake their collective booty.  The best gift that they could give me is to take care of themselves.....Have any of you done cleanses with your family or friends?  I am hoping it will help keep me on track, because usually around eleven at night I am having serious cravings for apples and cashew cream.

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