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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Raw Vegan Pecan Pie from Alissa Cohen's "Living on Live Food" book. Nigel, East St. Louis, Krishna Das & Jesus.

Raw Vegan Pecan Pie from "Living on Live Food" of Alissa Cohen.

The easiest pie to make!  Requires a lot of nuts though.  Don't usually have pecans on hand so picked them up at Whole Foods.  But now that I may be celiac, I can't just buy nuts from anywhere.  Especially the ones from Whole Foods which come in packages that say "may be from a dozen countries" and packaged in the same facility as every allergen in the world.  I know that Braga and Bremner nuts are truly gluten free, let me know if you guys have other truly gluten free nut sources that are not over the top expensive.

  Living on Live Food
This book is great.  Lots of inspirational stories in the beginning and a wide variety of recipes.  Have also made her Portabellas, Raw Vegan Pumpkin Pie, Pineapple upside down cake and more.

The end of my cinnamon powder from Mountain Rose.  Just got more in yesterday!  Have been putting heaping tablespoons of the stuff in my smoothies!

The "normal raw pie crust".  Nuts and dates in the food processor.

And more nuts and dates for the filling.

Verdict:  This pie was super sweet buy my hubby said that Pecan Pie was generally like this.  It totally grew on me and would be great with strong coffee.  But very rich.  Nice holiday pie and it ended up "setting" quite okay in the fridge.  Raw pies are always a juggle for temperature to create nice slicing conditions.  Sure you can use coconut oils, lecithin, and irish moss to "stiffen" them up, but you may want to stick to more simple recipes like this that slice fine, but don't require any added oils or mail order ingredients (for the type of irish moss that ya would need for a Cafe Gratitude dessert).

This holiday is going to be tough as our little Nobu dog is dying.  He is getting weaker by the day and we don't know if he will make it until Christmas but we are trying to be grateful for what we have.  He is older and I am grateful that he did not have to live on the streets his whole life, and that we have a home, fresh foods, and hopefully a healthy family.  I try not to get too "up" about the holidays, as it seems everyone gets totally manic and crazy prior to Christmas, and then there is this major let down afterwards.  When my mom, aunts and I hooked up in Tuscon just a few weeks ago, they talked about how the holidays brought out a little sadness in them.  My grandfather died in his early forties (their father) right after Christmas and I think there has always been a sense that some tragedy could occur during this time.  My hubby and I did however, try to put some holiday cheer up by getting our first ever Christmas Tree and putting up some decorations.  It will be a quiet holiday for us, cooking up some standards and then I will have to add some weird raw food dishes too! And nursing our little Nobu.

This is Nigel, who was just rescued from East St. Louis this morning.

I did have a Christmas "wish" granted.  Well, just an overall "wish" that happened to granted today.  Went out with Pj and the Gateway Pet Guardians crew and we were finally able to get the final of the "Itchy Scratchy" trio.  This is Nigel and he, his mom Nina, and his sister Nigella (who just had her last litter of puppies) are now off the streets.  Today was Nigel's rescue and he was ready.  He went in the trap in about five minutes.  Pj has been feeding this trio for about six years, every single day.  All these rescues are in East St. Louis, Illinois.  This is on the other side of the Mississippi river from St. Louis.  David Carlyon of Darkwood studios took this photo.  I am grateful these kids are now safe.  There are countless others out there, and of course all the farm animals, and all the people with no food.........but a small success today.  I will take it.

Krishna Das, a great story teller and a pretty traditional tune.

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  1. Nigel is beautiful.
    Also, the pecan pie looks to die for.
    I also have Celiac, and finding nuts is in fact so much harder than people may imagine. When I buy nuts, I order from Living Tree (, I've called and they are locally grown and gluten free. Hope that's helpful :)