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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blueberry Shirts Arrive at Vegan Candle Cafe!

Candle Cafe Blueberry and Pumpkin Shirts.
You have to call or email them to send, but they will mail them to ya!

Click for Kale Shirts!
Since the meat & dairy (cholesterol & cruelty in  my opinion) industries are subsidized by the government, it's nice to advertise things that actually heal you and don't make you sick (in my opinion).

Blueberries won't make you fat.  They don't contain cholesterol.  They don't require you to take the lives of other living beings needlessly.  They are a pretty good deal.  Throw some in a Kale smoothie!  Blueberries, Kale, Water-Breakfast!  You can buy them frozen year round.  They rock.  And Candle Cafe Rocks too.  Support them both with these adorable Tees!
Pretty Candle Cafe Blueberry Shirt.
Men's & Women's Sizing.
Runs a bit small!

Drink Milk?  I think the end of the video needs to say "Go Vegan" not "Vegetarian" as
being vegetarian means there are still dairy cows.  Aside from the fact that a large percentage of the world is lactose intolerant!


  1. I have never had guts to watch these videos. And even now, I can't pass first 10 seconds. It is so horrifying!! How those people can even sleep at night?!?!?!

  2. Can't watch that video (even though I posted it on Facebook); it makes my heart hurt.

    LOVE the t-shirts. I have one of the original C 79 t's, KALE, and love it so! I'm leaning toward the PUMPKIN one, now.

  3. I can't last long on the videos either. But a REALLY sweet and quiet girl posted on FB and I thought if a sweet & quiet one could, well a really pissed off one could too!! I think if one drinks dairy, then one needs to see this. Of course it is just ONE of the hundreds of videos showing one side of "Milk".

  4. I thought those shirts were so cute when I was at Candle Cafe. I think there was a kale one too?