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-Mahatma Gandhi

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jesus, Hemp, Hanuman, Bhakti, Che the Cow, Heart Ons and Vagitarians. Please Tee's Me. For The Vegan Tee's in Your Life. Blues are like a Hard On. "The China Study" had a baby.

Go Fruit Yourself! Women's Fitted T-Shirt (dark)"Go Fruit Yourself" Shirt from the Sassy Fruit People!  If you haven't had enough raw food entertainment lately, I mean, who has.....gotta keep up with DurianRider & the David Wolfe Chronicles.  And adding Characters daily!
Image of Cruelty Free
Cruelty Free Vegan Veggies Shirt from Compassion Company
This is a new design from Compassion Company.  A pretty non-controversial yet darling way to spread your love of eggplants, cabbages, and more!
Sure Vegans love food, and animals, but we love tee's and sweats just as much! Comfy Clothes to wear about town and declare our "Veggie Vote".  Here is just a sampling of some great Vegan Tee's that would work wonderfully as Holiday Gifts!  

Image of Vegan - Black
Vegan Shirt with Animals.  From Compassion Co.
Another great tee from Compassion Co.  These styles are so cute and also great for the peeps who don't really want to wear "Whips and Chains" Tee's!

Hemp Cells Anyone?  Love these Hemp Shirts from a small West Coast Company, Swirlspace.  
Another Swirlspace Hemp Tee

hemp t-shirt hemp tshirt
The Hemp Cell Close Up.  These are truly save the world shirts.  Hemp could really save us, if we let it!!
And for the boys, Hemp Endosperms!

It's Holiday Season, right?  So we can't leave Jesus out of it!   Apparently Jesus is embracing Hemp as well.  No pesticides.  Super Durable.  And we can eat it for our Omega 3's.  
Another Swirlspace Print.

Bhakti Hanuman- Men's Navy
Bhakti Men's Hanuman Shirt 
Let's not kid ourselves, right?  Holidays are  kind of about Spiritual Materialism.....So what better way to declare your "inner spiritualist" than by sportin' a Hanuman Shirt?  
The Veggie Lover
The Veggie Lover Shirt from Vegan Merch
I have always LOVED this shirt!!  Too cute!

Be Here Now T-Shirt - Women's
Be Here Now Shirts (Women)

Bhakti Hanuman T-Shirt- Women's

Bhakti Hanuman Shirt

Bovine Revolution
Bovine Revolution Shirts From Vegan Merch

SwirlSpace Hemp

No Animals Are Harmed In the Making of this Boy from Vaute Couture (Women's Available too!)

For The Love Of Dog Adopt from Vaute Couture (Women's Available Too!)

Beat the Meat and get a Heart On (LOVE it!) from "The Big Sexy" at Johnny O Goes Vegan

Real Men Beat their Meat Not Their Dogs Shirt (Both Men/Women Styles)

Hail Seitan, Go Vegan (unisex)
"Hail Seitan, Go Vegan" Shirt.  
Yes, something my hubby would like as we don't both worship at the same altar.  Mine involves cases of bananas, greens, apples, legumes and a Spice Tiffin.  His, anything gluteny!

Vegan punk [KELLY GREEN] (unisex)
"Vegan" Shirt in Punk Kelly Green

Put The Fun Between Your Legs (unisex)
"Put the Fun Between Your Legs" Tee Shirt from Action For Animals

Eat Carrots, Not Critters (womens) [PINK]
Vaute Couture's "I do win friends with salad" Tee Shirt.
Gay Vegan Ringer T
Gay Vegan Shirt

Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt
"Vagitarian" Shirt from DykeTees.Com
Just feeling a wee bit gay tonight........see below.  In Honor of Rick Perry and Michele Bachman.

I am loving on Allen Ginsberg. Got Pretty bummed out when a homophobic neighbor of mine, once again tried to "convert" me.  I guess the person I am "supposed" to become doesn't think Muslims, Hindus or Jews have any validity.  Or any other forms of Christianity.  My Vegan Brain is blown into smithereens when someone actually believes that only their small sect of a major religion has "the truth".   Allen Ginsberg cheers me the fuck up.  Oh, saw the video below posted on Facebook by Food Fight Grocery (they were posting out of shock I think!).  Well......Allen has a response for that too!

Rick Perry.  Saying it like only he can.  I love him.  I mean, who the fuck else can say, "I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a Christian".......but "Something wrong with this country when Gays can openly serve in the military".  No Rick Perry, I personally don't believe you are a Christian if you have an issue with Gays losing their lives for you while not hiding their sexuality. That's my personal belief.......And it leads me to this.

Beware.  Don't press "play" if you are easily offended.  If you are and just can't help but press play anyway, then just get a gluten free vegan brownie to stuff in your mouth if it happens to hang open!

Just Remember, if you are vegan, those Hard-On's are a LOT easier to get AND keep!

And Yella, a dog that was rescued from East St. Louis, is going for his first Heartworm Treatment.  He STILL doesn't have a foster or forever home so he is still at Pj's.  Yella is the sweetest pup and has had a couple gunshot wounds in his day.

Oh, and "The China Study" author had a baby.  Named it Leanne Campbell Disla.  And SHE wrote a COOKBOOK!

Whole Foods Cook Book

The Whole Plants Cookbook is Out!

Sweet & Sexy Posts........

I may be a Dirty Girl but I don't eat Poop! Fecal Free Pesto Kale Chips from "Everything Raw Book". Kale makes you Glow! Vitamin Vendetta? Do Vitamins increase your cancer risk?


*Jay Nixon has been Neutered. Bend over & ditch the KY, this is a Rough One. (Just in case you thought it was just Republicans & Tea Partiers that I vented about!)
Aloo Gobi from Anupy Singla's "The Indian Slow Cooker" Book.
(Curried Cauliflower and Potatoes)

Kailia - Chiara - Black Faux Leather


  1. So many great shirts! I have a Praise Seitan sweatshirt that's quite old now. It's so comfy. :)

  2. So many cute shirts to choose from! I love the Eat A Plant Save the Planet Shirt... I may have to hint to my hubby that I need it for Christmas. :) Great post!

  3. That Real Men Beat Their Meat Not Their Dogs shirt cracked me up! Love it!

    I watched that video of Yella (is it on FB?) and at the end PJ is saying that she could break her rule for Yella. I think secretly, PJ would love it if Yella was never adopted. That way, he would always be her companion and she wouldn't have to break her rule. If I were to adopt another dog right now, I would want Yella. He melts my heart. But, I could never take him away from PJ. She loves him more than the moon!

  4. @Lori! Yes, Pj would love to keep Yella, but she can't!! Yella is a totally perfect, adoptable dog and when we have those, they need to find homes! Pj ends up with the super shy ones (one of which we ended up with because she was "unadoptable" to "normal" people!) or the ones that aren't ready to go yet. But Yella is already perfect!! She just doesn't have room and then her place is the "emergency" foster place! Yella is doing okay during his heartworm. We always breathe a sigh of relief when the heartworm treatments are over!

  5. I like the other shirts but the beat their meat one still seems violent to me. It's basically saying it's ok to hurt one animal (by buying the dead carcass) but not another. hypocritical. a much better shirt is "real men eat plants".

  6. @Bitt. Funny, I think the shirt meant, beat their man meat, their vegan cock! Not meat that ya eat, unless you are the girlfriend or wife of partner of the vegan dude! :)