The most violent weapon on earth is the table fork.
-Mahatma Gandhi

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rock on With Hanuman and Raw Food

Zucchini Pasta.
A raw food staple.  Every household needs a Spirooli!

I was so happy to finally make it to a Raw Gathering.  It seems I never actually get something made or get swallowed up by my house during the get togethers.  Got my fix of some amazing feminine energy meeting some beautiful new women!  Yogis and Triathletes!  People flirt with the Raw Food lifestyle for lots of reasons.  While I believe in the Raw Food lifestyle 100%, I have a tendency to want to have fun with it.  I  still am unable to demonize cooked beans and I still don't think that you must go in for butt cleanings bi-weekly.  Or at least I want a little balance, a semi-clean butt and I don't want to feel like the Antichrist (what does that mean to someone like me anyway?) if I eat cooked food.  

Aren't the colors amazing?

Collard Wraps with Pine Nut Hummus and veggies inside.


"Spanish Rice" ( Cauliflower being the rice)
Sprouted & Dehydrated Nuts.  Pomegranate Seeds.
Almonds soaked in Coconut Aminos and Dehydrated.
Red Peppers.
Who needs photoshop when you have colors like this?

Dill Coleslaw from David Jubb's "Lifefood" Book.

Avocados waiting to be put in their Lettuce Tortillas.

Lettuce Tortilla.

Nuts, Berries, Seeds, Cabbage, Peppers.
Snacker's Delight.


Nuts & Berries.

Nuts, Seeds, Cauliflower, Greens, Cabbage.

Modern Art.

Of course it was the start of a New Year so we each took a few moments to say something we had done recently to spiritually or physically better ourselves.  I was not in a "spiritually bettering" kind of place, so I went with running as that's new to me.  A lot of the people had just been to a sweat lodge the day before.  I was probably eating vegan junk food and watching bad tv the day before, but they had enough good energy for all of us!  In all seriousness, I am very grateful that I got to meet some wonderful new people and reconnect with others. It's funny because everyone brought healthy food!. Sometimes everyone brings desserts!  But maybe it was a New Year's thing to start out super green.
Perhaps raw cheezecakes will rule by February?

Veggie Pasta.

Kale Chips.  (Dehydrated)
My Ultimate Favorite Junk Food.
Except it's not junk!
If only the Government would subsidze Kale instead of Casein.

What's Hanuman got to do with it?  I got this M.C. Yogi Cd after hearing about how Ganesh got his "Elephant Head" and "Fat Belly" while perusing books at the East West bookstore in New York. They were playing it in the store and I immediately bought a copy.  The album has guest appearances from Krishna Das, Sharon Gannon, and Bhagavan Das.  Great for running or driving around town.  The best part is the songs tell stories (albeit very condensed) about Shiva, Hanuman, Ganesh, Krishna, and a wonderful song about the life of Gandhi.  This is Hanuman's time to rock.


  1. I was there and the food and company was great! Thanks for the pics. Will share on my blog at

  2. The food was great, wasn't it?? Now if I can just find a raw potluck everyday I would be set! And if someone could get me to exercise in the morning instead of drinking endless amounts of Yerba Mate......

  3. Do you have any recipes for the meals on this page espeically the zucchini pasta/veggie pasta/collard wraps with pine nut hummus and veggies/Spanish rice using califlower and laslty rainbow. Or do you know where or what book they came from? I do see one recipe with authors name but am interested in the rest. Thank you.

  4. Here is a link to an Alfredo sauce that can be used with the zucchini noodles
    I know that the collard wraps actually had a store bought pine nut hummus, with veggies, but you could make a raw pine nut hummus. I will see if I can find the peeps who brought those dishes. If you google raw vegan collard wraps or raw vegan pastas, raw vegan cauliflower rice, there are probably lots of similar recipes. Will try to find out if they used specific recipes for these dishes. If you are new to raw foods, Ani Phyo's books, The Idiots Guide to Eating Raw ( this is good!), and Alisha Cohen's Living on Live food are nice, normal places to start (meaning they aren't only eating fruits or eliminating all fat!). Jennifer Cornbleets Raw Food fir 1 or 2 people is also a great easy book that doesn't require appliances!